Best Shoes for Warehouse Pickers Reviews

If you are a warehouse picker, you know this job involves standing and walking long hours. Thus, you need to be light on your feet. This is why you need the best shoes for warehouse pickers.

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If you would love to work in this line, there are plenty of jobs available.

Some of the best states for warehouse jobs include Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky and Missouri. By 2020, companies were having trouble finding enough warehouse workers to fill up the vacant positions.

Back to our topic for today, buying the right shoes for this work will enhance your productivity and delivery. There are both shoes and boots warehouse workers.

If you are in a hurry and you can’t read this to the end right now, you can choose our top shoe; Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe.

Keep reading to see other best shoes for amazon pickers.

Best Shoes for Warehouse Pickers Reviews

As usual, the shoe manufacturers from the well-known brand names such as KEEN, Timberland, Skechers and others have outdone themselves to bring many shoes for warehouse picker jobs. With so many options, it can be a challenge to choose the very best one.

That is why we went out to review these shoes for you, so that you don’t have to do the hard work. Check them out!

1. Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe

Best Shoes for Warehouse PickersThese are sleek looking shoes and they come with some very good features. Skechers makes good work and casual shoes. With this one, they have gone an extra mile to make it the perfect footwear for jobs that require you to stand for many hours.

Breathable mesh upper

The meshed upper is the most noticeable feature of these shoes. If you work on your feet all day covering miles of walking distance, your feet will whip up a serious sweat.

To avoid getting smelly feet, you need good airflow on your feet. This cloth upper is very strong, so durability is assured. One benefit of mesh uppers is they are so easy to keep clean and they dry fast.

Slip resistant sole

These shoes come with a slip-resistant sole. Thus, you can walk in them through puddles and slippery surfaces carrying stuff in your hands and you will be okay.

The sole is not rubber. It is synthetic and light in weight. It is also just the right thickness so you should not feel small rocks through the soles.

With the heel elevated slightly, you have enough support to prevent heel pain usually caused by wearing flat shoes.

Memory foam insoles

Comfort is important if you are working a long time on your feet. In this case, you need good insoles.

These Skechers shoes come with thin memory foam inserts. Thus, you will most probably have to replace them with other insoles.

You might want to try custom inserts such as Protalus or SuperFeet. You need good arch, ball of foot and heel support from your insoles of choice.

Other features

The other features that these shoes come with include a medium-sized padding. Overall, this contributes to the comfort that you experience from the shoes.

These shoes take a short time to break in and once they conform to your feet and gait, they are the most comfortable walking shoes.


The shoelaces feel and look too thin. Mostly, we are used to having work shoes like these ones come with thick shoelaces.

2. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint: best men’s shoes for warehouse pickers

best men's shoes for warehouse pickersKEEN is no stranger to meeting people’s needs for footwear for hiking, work and even casual wear. In their product lineup, they make great shoes for people that work in the warehouse business.

One such shoe is the KEEN Utility Men’s Flint. Keep reading to see its features:

It has a steel toe

These work boots for warehouse pickers have steel toes.  You will also note that the steel toe design is wide so that it can accommodate your toes without cramping them. If you hit your foot against metal shelves in the warehouse, you will be protected.

Anti-slip rubber sole

KEEN shoes are popular for their slip-resistant soles. This comes from their long culture of making outdoor boots and shoes for various adventures.

This sole is good for walking on different surfaces and it is also oil-resistant. When you are walking on smooth, tiled surfaces, the sole feels sticky, preventing slipping.

This shoe is also rated EH for electrical hazard protection. This means that you are not under risk of electrocution if you step on a live wire. However, take ultimate care not to work in areas with electrocution risks.

Textile Upper

The upper of these warehouse pickers shoes is made of textile material. It is breathable and the material contributes to the low weight.

When you are walking for those long hours in summer, you need air flowing over your feet to prevent sweat and keep you dry and comfortable. These shoes do that and much more.

Another notable feature is the reflective stripes on the back of the shoes. If you are working in low-lit conditions, you will stay visible.

Comfort features

This shoe is designed with KEEN-ReGEN, which is a special technology for making light midsoles that resist compression that gives back 50 percent of the energy that you spend on every footstep. This enables you to work longer and harder every day.


These shoes do not run true to size, so you are advised to order a half to a full size larger so that you can have comfort and flexibility.

3. Timberland Pro Men Steel Toe Shoes

Timberland Pro Men Steel Toe Shoes reviewThe Timberland Pro series of boots features in many work boots lists because of the technology, the design and the awesome features incorporated in its design.

In the true spirit of Timberland workmanship, this work boot is not only light in weight but it is also super protective.

Comfort Suspension technology

This is the most outstanding feature about these boots. This comfort system is designed to keep your feet well supported throughout a long workday. It does this by having great arch support and cushioning your foot.

Leather upper

These boots have a leather upper. It has a rusty looking design and color. The good thing with such an upper is that you can use mink oil to recondition it and give it a new lease of life.

The shaft measures 6 inches from the arch. Thus, you have good ankle support, which is helpful when you are climbing ladders and stairs.

Rubber sole

When it comes to work boot soles, rubber always wins hands-down. The reason for this is that it feels sticky when you are walking, so there is no risk of slipping even when walking on slippery surfaces.

This rubber sole has deep treads that guarantee good traction on different surfaces.

Comfort features

Warehouse picker jobs require that you stand for many hours on end. Thus, the boots that you wear must incorporate some comfort features.

It has a wicking lining that whips the sweat away from your feet. Of course, you also have to wear the right work socks to keep your feet dry, comfortable and cool.

We could also mention that these boots come with a fast lacing system where you just have to rope the shoelaces into the three metal hooks at the top. Wearing and getting the boots off is really quick work.


Some people do not like the rugged look of the nubuck leather. However, for people who know style and class, these boots are really stylish.

4. Caterpillar Tess Steel Toe: best women’s shoes for warehouse pickers

best women's shoes for warehouse pickersWomen’s feet are slender and smaller than men’s are. Thus, it is always vital to insist on a pair of work boots made specifically for them.

Caterpillar has a tradition for making high quality equipment and work gear steeped in a long history since 1925. Keep reading to see the features that they pack in the Tees Steel Toe boots for women.

Steel toe

This is a steel toe boot so your metatarsal area is always protected from falling objects and from injury when you hit your feet against something.

The toe area is wide enough so your toes will never be pressed together. Also, there is enough flexibility at the metatarsal area to help the boots fold nicely when you are walking.

Slip resistant outsole with EH protection

The rubber sole of these boots offers enough protection against slipping on different types of surfaces.

These soles are also EH rated, which means they protect you against electrical hazards. Since they are also oil-resistant, it is possible to find these boots being used across many industries.

Comfort from the midsole

The midsole is the main determinant of comfort in boots and shoes. These CAT boots come with an EVA midsole, which absorbs most of the impact of your feet landing on the ground when you are walking.

Even if you are healing from plantar fascia, these boots will not let your legs feel the jolts of pain that come from walking, especially on hard surfaces.

Breathability and comfort

Breathability is a very important feature in the best shoes for warehouse pickers. When you have to walk for long hours, your feet are going to sweat.

If the sweat stays on your skin, it mixes with the hordes of bacteria found on your feet and it makes your feet smelly.

The CAT Tess boots have taken care of that. They come with a breathable lining that wicks the sweat away and keeps your feet dry, cool and comfortable throughout the working hours.

5. Cat Footwear Men’s Second Shift: best shoes for Amazon pickers

best shoes for Amazon pickersCaterpillar boots have something for both men and women. The Men’s Second Shift boot follows the same high quality tradition of making long-lasting boots. Keep reading to see the features they come with:

Support and Stability features

This shoe is designed to keep you stable and on balance, for the entire time that you will be wearing it.

The first support feature that you get in these boots is the steel shank. It adds stability when you are walking. It also prevents the soles from folding thus making them last longer.

Full grain leather construction

The upper is made of 100 percent full grain leather. The benefit of using full grain or nubuck leather is that you can recondition them to give them more durability.

Where the upper is joined to the soles, the manufacturer has used a GoodYear welt. This ensures durability some more and it makes it easy to replace the sole if the need arises.

Steel toe for safety

It is very important for the best warehouse pickers shoes to have a steel toe for protection against impact.

In the warehouse, there will be items dropping accidentally. Such can cause serious injury if they fall on your metatarsal area.

Comfort features

These boots are very comfortable to wear all day long. A few features enhance your comfort. One of them is the breathable lining that allows air to flow over your feet.

The mesh lining is comfortable on your feet and it helps to prevent odor. A second feature is the breathable insoles from Climasphere.

T3 Rubber Outsole

Work boots need a high quality outsole that can keep the wearer safe from slipping in oil, water and all types of surfaces.

The Second Shift boots for men from Caterpillar come with a T3 Rubber Outsole. It is oil and water-resistant and it protects against electrical hazards.


The only concern for many people is that the boots feel a bit heavy on account of the heavy soles and the steel toe, but you will soon get used to this weight.

Best Shoes for Warehouse Pickers Buying Guide

Tons of boots and shoes can qualify to be the best work shoes for warehouse pickers. Thus, you can find it a bit hard to choose the best one, during your first time. This buying guide will guide you appropriately.

Image of best comfortable shoes for warehouse work

Here are the things to look for when buying warehouse picker work boots and shoes:

Safety features

This is everything in a work boot. Some will have the basics such as ankle support, steel toe and steel shank.

Some models go even further than that and they bring you electrical hazard safety. It is best to spare no cost when you are buying these work shoes.

Another important safety feature is the toe and metatarsal area protection. This comes in the form of a reinforced toe cap, either with steel, carbon fiber or with just leather. If anything drops on your feet, you don’t want it to crush your toes.

Comfort features

These come in their abundance. Since you will be standing many hours at work, your feet need all the comfort they can get.

Some of the important features include a mesh lining that is both soft and is able to wick the moisture away from your feet. This will keep you dry, cool and comfortable.

Another feature for comfort is a breathable insole. This should also have features such as good arch support, heel and ball of foot support. If you are a victim of plantar fascia, you might want to swap the stock insoles with your custom insoles.

Out soles

The insoles make the boot. In this case, they need to be of a very high quality, probably rubber. They also need to be thick enough so that they can absorb all the impact from walking.

Rubber insoles also feel sticky when you are walking, so they are more slip resistant than their synthetic counterparts.

If you have heel pain or ankle pain, you want shoes that will not allow a jolt of impact to get to the affected part.

Another reason why you should aim for thick insoles is that they protect you from hard surfaces, rocks and sticks. If you can feel the rocks under you, the soles are too thin.

Also, consider soles with raised heels as opposed to flat ones. These are perfect for someone with heel pain.


Most work boot and shoe designers incorporate special technologies in their shoes, especially in the midsole area.

Most of these technologies enhance comfort, stability and balance. Above all, they bounce back some of the energy that you spend with every step that you take.

Look for boots constructed with EVA midsole. These are the best for giving back some of the energy so that you can walk longer.

Final Thoughts on the Best Shoes for Warehouse Pickers

That is it for the best reviews and buying guide for the best comfortable shoes for warehouse work. If you are looking for the best, this is your one-stop center for all matters of shoes.

Do not forget to compare prices Vis a Vis the features that a pair of shoes comes with. Some of these shoes can be quite costly, fetching even more than $150. Some of them can also be too cheap.

If the features are worth that price, go for it. Buy the shoes! Above everything else, do not compromise on your safety and comfort because of the price when choosing the best shoes for amazon pickers.