Best Insoles for Big Guys Reviews & Buying Guide

If you have a large frame, ordinary or medium shoe sizes such as C or M are not going to work for you. The same applies for the insoles. In fact, you need the best insoles for big guys.

If you are big, regular insoles might not work for you. Being bigger means more weight, which means more pressure on your insoles and shoes.

Therefore, the heel and arch support of insoles made for big people is different from that of insoles made for small and medium-sized people.

But don’t worry:

We have got your back!

There are hundreds if not thousands of insoles for big men. However, sifting through all of them one by one can be a bit too tasking.

But here, we have done the footwork for you. We have done the research on the best insoles that you can use comfortably.

Keep reading and you will see some supportive insoles that you can use easily, without fearing wear and tear.

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Reviews for Best Insoles for Big Guys

To tell you the truth, stock insoles will not do you much good. That is why most people replace theirs. Now, if you are a big and heavy guy, you need size 15 insoles or even Dr Scholls inserts size 16. Here are reviews of 5 of the best of extra large insoles:

1. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

best insoles for big guysPowerstep is one of the most well known names when it comes to custom shoe inserts. Therefore, it is no surprise that you can find insoles of all sizes with them. The Maxx is a good insole for large shoes. It can be used by people who wear shoe sizes 10 using the US metrics.

This is a full length insole meaning that it stretches from the heel to the ball of foot area. It is made of synthetic material and the top cover is made of 100 percent antimicrobial polyester. Therefore, if you want a pair of insoles that you can spend long hours without whipping up a nasty smell, get this one.

The shell is firm.  It will stay durable for at least a year. Well, good insoles can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months of serious use. The heel cup is deep enough such that it gives you maximum control when you are walking or running.

The areas that require extra cushioning such as the heel and the ball of foot area have EVA foam padding. Therefore, you will not have your heel starting to sink in any time soon after that. If you experience pain associated with under or over-pronation, these insoles will help you.  

You will be happy that you can use these insoles with almost all types of shoes. You can wear them with work boots, casual shoes and any other shoes if they will fit. They are also unisex in design so men and women can use them.

2. Walkhero Orthotics Inserts

best insoles for heavy walkingBecome the walking hero that you rightly are with the Walkhero inserts. These are full length inserts that offer support to the most crucial areas of your foot including the heel, the ball of foot area and the arch.

They are available in different sizes for men and women. For men, you get sizes 8 to 14 and for women, you get sizes 6 to 10, based on US metrics.

These are the best insoles for people with plantar fasciitis. You can wear them to correct different foot conditions. It can also help in aligning the foot, keeping you comfortable and even offer relief from pain caused by bunions.

To enhance foot control and stability when walking, these insoles come with deep heel cup. This also enhances the arch support because the insoles keep your foot aligned throughout the time that you will be wearing them.

You can wear the Walkhero insoles with any shoes. You can wear them with casual shoes, formal shoes and even work boots. If you cannot afford a pair of mens insoles for big shoes for all of your shoes, you can interchange one pair with different shoes.

Since there are many sizes for one size, you will find that you do not need to trim these insoles when you insert them in your shoes. Just make sure that you order the size indicated on your shoes, including the width size.

You will enjoy extra comfort from these inserts. They have more cushioning which helps in absorbing the shock from walking on hard surfaces. Therefore, your feet need not feel the impact.

3. Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Insoles

insoles for 300lb manYou can trust Dr Scholl’s to bring you all types of podiatric-approved insoles for men and women. Well, when you try out this one, you will agree with this statement. It even has a weight rating because they say it is made for people with at least 200 pounds of weight.

And that is not all there is to these insoles. Even if you arch pain, back pain and even foot pain, these Dr Scholls big and tall insoles offer you all the support that you need to spend more hours on your feet without experiencing any pain. While you should still seek treatment, these shoes are going to make it easier for your feet.

These inserts have been made with the best technology. They come with arch guard and shock guard tech. The essence of integrating such technology is to help the insoles distribute the weight of your body throughout the feet evenly. That way, no part of your foot feels too overwhelmed by the weight.

You can use these insoles in any shoes. Whether you are doing casual, formal or otherwise, you will find that they have been designed to work well with all. In addition, it is okay to trim the insoles a bit so that they can fit in the shoes that you want to wear with them.

One thing that all Dr Scholl’s insoles are built for is support. With this one, they haven’t failed at all. It offers extra support to men over 200 pounds of weight. The winning feature is the integrated tech that distributes your weight evenly therefore leaving you well supported and comfortable throughout the day.  

4. ProFoot Orthotic Insoles

best insoles for heavy runningThese insoles for big shoes are good for women whose feet sizes fall between numbers 6 and 10. This is a very affordable pair of insoles for big shoes.

You may order 2 pairs so that you can exchange them or use them with different shoes. Since 1986, the New York’s Brooklyn-based ProFoot Company has been making insoles to meet different foot needs for men and women.

The heel cup is designed in such a way that it hugs the heel and offers it responsive support all the time. You can wear these shoes for hours on end and your feet won’t experience any kind of fatigue. If your heels hurt from walking or standing too long, you need such a pair of insoles that give it the much-needed support.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you will be glad to use these insoles because they offer support across the entire width of the plantar fascia band. Therefore, this part of the foot is supported very well across board.

Because these insoles are clinically proven to relieve foot pain, it is best to buy them if you have plantar fasciitis. Also, note that the pair we have reviewed here is for women with large feet.

Buying Guide for Best Insoles for Big Guys

You cannot possibly just buy the first insole that you come across. As you can see, there are many of them and every manufacturer claims that theirs is the best.

Image of Best Insoles for Big Guys

Here are a few important factors to consider when looking for best insoles for heavy guys:

Medically approved

Big people, or let’s say heavier people suffer from certain problems. One of them is foot pain, plantar fasciitis where the plantar fascia – a band of flesh that connects the ball of foot area with the heel becomes inflamed and painful. They also suffer from lower back pain.

If you suffer from such, you need to get a pair of medically approved, best insoles for big guys. There are many starting with Dr Scholl’s, ProFoot and others.

The price

Custom insoles can costs a buck too much. However, it is recommended that you replace them at least once a year. Therefore, it is wise not to spend too much money on a pair.

However, at the same time, consider the features that a pair of inserts comes with. It would be better to pay more for more features than otherwise. Spending $50 on a pair of inserts is not too smart!

Type of Feet

You need to know your type of feet before you order a pair of insoles from the online marketplaces. For example, if you have flat feet, you need a pair of insoles that can help prevent or correct under or over-pronation. If you have a high arch, your insoles should offer you the right support all the time.

Your Activity

If you are a sportsman or woman, you need trainer insoles that offer more support at the heels and the ball of foot area. If you spend many hours on your feet at work, gel insoles can help you a great deal. If you spend many hours sitting down, you need a pair of insoles that offers comfort more than anything else.


All of the best insoles for big shoes that we have discussed here have been carefully vetted and they can help you in different ways. Mainly, they will offer you comfort and excellent support so that you can spend a good day all the time.

The best insoles for big guys don’t have to cost too much. You can even buy two or three pairs so that you can exchange them.