How To Make Shoes Non Slip With Hot Glue

Slippery shoes are dangerous. If you wear such, you are one mistake away from falling and hurting yourself. But the good thing is that here, you will see how to make shoes non slip with hot glue.

According to the WHO, there are close to 700,000 fall-related deaths across the world, every year.

So yes, it is that serious!

That is why you should not take the risk of walking around in slippery shoes. There are many ways of making them non-slippery, including scuffing the soles.

However, in this particular article, we shall look at how to use hot glue to make your shoes non-slip.

If you have been asking whether you can use hot glue on shoes, you can, and with great results too. You can give your lovely shoes another lease of life on your feet and stay safe too.

Can you use hot glue on shoes?

It is not a question of whether you can use hot glue on your shoes to make them non-slip, but it is a question of how.

So here, we shall look at the step-by-step process of making shoes non slip with hot glue. It is a fairly simple process and should not take too much time.

The process for how to make shoes non slip with hot glue

Of course, you need to buy your hot glue gun, the glue sticks and some rubbing alcohol. You also need to get a piece of clean cloth. With just those few items, you will be ready to get started.

To get started, clean the soles

First, clean your shoes thoroughly and inspect your soles. The soles should not have holes, grit or any stuck material. Clean them out completely and make sure they are dry before you can start working on them.

The alcohol is for cleaning the bottom of the shoes. Apply a little of it onto your piece of cloth and then rub the soles with the cloth.

Inspect the soles until you are satisfied that there is no dirt at all. Once the soles are dry, you can start on your glue work.

Prepare the glue sticks and the gun

You have to insert the glue stick into the glue gun and then plug it in (gun) to an electrical outlet so that the glue can heat up.

It is good to read the instructions from the manufacturer of the glue so that you do not overheat it.

Once hot and ready, just apply it in dots or lines at random on the soles of your shoes. Be sure to apply it on the heels and the rest of the sole area.

Give the hot glue a few minutes to dry up. But before it is completely dry, when it is still partially sticky, wear the shoes and walk around in them.

Since hot glue sticks really well on clean shoe soles, you can be generous with your application. Just don’t overdo it.

The reason for wearing the shoes and walking in them when the glue is not completely dry is to ensure that the glue dries evenly and at the same level.

You can walk with the shoes for a few minutes until the glue is completely dry. “Listen” to your feet and you will find that the shoes no longer slip on the floor as you walk.

Can hot glue be used as grip?

When you apply hot glue on the soles and heel of your shoes randomly, you help to make the shoes anti slip even on the slippery surfaces.

Hot glue sticks very well on clean surfaces, which is why you should use rubbing alcohol to clean the shoe soles.

Besides, hot glue is good for use on almost all types of shoes, with rubber or synthetic soles. It is also good for use on different types of surfaces.

Besides using the glue on your shoes to make them non-slip, you can also use it as grip. It is very good for attaching pictures to the walls.

Whether you use hot glue on porous or non-porous surfaces, it is going to hold very well.

Will hot glue damage paint?

Hot glue does not damage paint. In fact, if you are applying the glue to a painted surface, it will penetrate the paint and attach to the surface.

So, whether you apply the hot glue to painted or unpainted surfaces, it sticks very well on either.

When you need to remove old glue from a painted surface and you do not want to damage the paint, just use swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Apply the rubbing alcohol on the edges of the glue and it will come off cleanly, without damaging the paint.

How to make shoes non slip with hot glue FAQ

Some people still find it confusing when it comes to using hot glue to make shoes non slip. If you need more clarification, this section for frequently asked questions is going to help you:

Can you use hot glue on shoes?

Yes, you can use it to reconnect soles if they are falling off the shoes. You can also use the hot glue to make your soles anti-slip.

How can I make my shoes anti slip?

The best way to make your shoes non-slip is to use hot glue on them. Other methods include scuffing the soles with sandpaper, using paint to make the soles rough and so on. You could also use hair spray on the soles to make them slip resistant.

Can I use hot glue to make non-slip socks?

Yes you can. Just lay the socks out on a table with the sole side facing up. You can then commence applying hot glue randomly on the socks and don’t make it too thick. Give it some time to set but before it is too dry, wear the socks and walk in them.

Image of How can I make my shoes anti slip

Final Thoughts

How to make shoes non slip with hot glue is simple. For just a little money and work, you will be able to make your shoes safe on slippery surfaces.

Fall related deaths and injuries are the fear of every worker. Besides, some industries such as hospitality and medical jobs do require you to wear anti-slip shoes.