Best Non Slip Shoes For Servers

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Waiting or waitressing in a restaurant is tough, what with the long-standing hours and the weight that you have to carry on your hands. That is why you need the best non slip shoes for servers.

Thankfully, there are many of the best shoes for servers. However, like everything else, today, many poorly made shoes and boots teem in the market, masquerading as the best. Therefore, you cannot just pick any shoes that you come across in the market. You have to do your due diligence.

What kind of shoes do servers wear?

When buying your footwear, you have to bear in mind the conditions you will be working in. For example, a bar or restaurant waiter works in an environment that has spilling fluids, greases and oils. Therefore, they need anti-slip footwear more than a class teacher.

Now that you have an idea of the kind of environment you will be working in, let us look at some footwear brands and models suited for this kind of work.

1. Skechers Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh

skechers ghenter - bronaugh reviews

What is there not to love about this pair of work shoes? The design itself shows you that this is a high quality pair to have on your feet any time. It is good for women who spend long hours on their feet.

With the Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh, you can worry about the customers’ needs without sacrificing your comfort.

Rubber, anti-slip soles

They are flat-soled, but the heel part is raised higher than the ball of feet part. This is important because some people experience heel pain when they wear completely flat shoes.

Above all, the sole is anti-slip in design and it is made of rubber. This gives it a nice, spongy bounce. The sole has small but effective treads. It is going to ensure stability when you are on your feet.

Meshed upper for breathability

The upper is a winner! It is made of meshed material, which means that these darlings are breathable. You know you need air flowing through the shoes, to your feet and back out again. That way, your feet will not sweat too much even during summer.


You will probably not need to change the stock insoles but we will leave that to you. It is made of foam, but it is not as much as some people would like. However, arch support is assured. You can be sure that with this footwear on, you will not experience ball of foot pain.

Do these ones come true to size? Many people say they do, but before you order, know your foot width.

2. Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service

skechers men's cessnock food service shoe review

From the same brand, we bring you one pair that is made for men – the Skechers Men’s Cessneck Food Service. It is black in color, which means that it will not allow stains from splashes to show. Anyway, restaurant and bar boots are always black.

Quality bungee lacing

To demonstrate the build quality of this shoe, you get bungee lacing. So what is bungee lacing? This is mostly associated with sports shoes.

It is made of high quality nylon and spandex lacing that never slips in its clip. Therefore, when you are serving customers, you do not have to worry about stepping and slipping on loose laces.

If you like, you can cut the bungees and replace them with regular laces but most people just leave them intact.

High quality sole

The sole is made of rubber and it is non-resistant, just the kind that you need when working in a bar or a restaurant.

This sole has narrow treads, but they give you a perfect grip even when you are working on slippery surfaces. The sole is a bit thick but it is not heavy at all.

Meshed upper

When you work in the kitchen, you want some air going on over your feet. This is only possible when the upper is made in such a way that it is breathable. Thankfully, this one is.

There is good airflow in and out. This helps to prevent the formation of feet odor because they do not sweat as much.

While the upper is not exactly water resistant, it will withstand a splash of water in the kitchen without letting the water in.


If you are going to stand for all those hours, you need your footwear to be as comfortable as possible. These ones are. The rubber sole feels bouncy. The stock insole is quite good and the lining is excellent. All factors combined, you will have the best value for money.

3. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Harrington II Work Shoe

dr. scholl's shoes men's harrington ii

You know it is good if it has Dr. Scholl’s in its label and this one does. For many years, Dr. Scholl’s has been offering orthotic footwear and half or full length inserts that can help in the alleviation of metatarsal pain, ball of foot pain, heel pain, arch pain and many others.

Leather Upper

The upper of these shoes is made of pleather, which is also called plastic leather. However, with good care, they retain their form and shape for a long time so you most probably cannot tell the difference.

Compared to the Skechers pairs that we reviewed earlier, these ones are way ahead when it comes to preventing water from seeping in.

Rubber sole

They come with a rubber sole. It is thick and rugged and has a heel. Good stability and traction is assured even when you have to work on wet floors.

With your safety taken care of, you can meet the needs of your customers better. This sole is also oil resistant, which makes it perfect for working in a restaurant kitchen.


You will get a foam insole that is lined with a fabric top. Some sources say that the fabric top has microbial qualities, which helps to prevent odor. The heel area has a small pad that offers extra support. This helps to prevent heel pain if you experience it.

The interior of the shoes has superb lining that has wicking qualities. Therefore, if your feet sweat, the lining wicks the sweat away and leaves your feet fresh and comfortable all day long.

4. Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Shoe

fila women's slip resistant work shoes

This one looks like a sports shoe, but don’t worry since you can use it in your workplace comfortably. What are the best shoes for waitresses? They need to be comfortable, light in weight, slip resistant and supportive. Well, the Fila Memory Workshift meets all these criteria.

Synthetic upper

This pair is made of synthetic material, and that applies to the sole and the upper. However, it is water resistant. If you are asked to work in the kitchen, you can be sure that your footwear is going to withstand the inevitable water and beverage spills and splashes.

Slip-resistant sole

When working in a restaurant, you are sure to come across slippery patches on the floor. It could be food, oil, water or anything else.

You need to know that your shoes are up to the task, and these ones are! The sole is thick and looks a bit masculine, but it offers a perfect grip in different working conditions.

Memory foam insole

You will find memory foam on the midsole and the sockliner. Every hour that you will be in this boots, you are assured of comfort.

Stay steady on your feet all the time. If you search for more information, you will find that these boots are recommended for people who work in hospitals.

Buying guide for the best non slip shoes for servers

What are the most comfortable slip resistant shoes? As you have seen from our reviews, there is no shortage of shoes for waiters and waitresses.

However, while variety is good, it makes it hard to choose a good pair for first-time buyers.

Consider the following factors when buying footwear for restaurant and bar jobs:

Slip resistance

It is easy to label any pair of footwear as slip-resistant. However, that does not mean it is. Besides, it could be anti-slip in water, but not in oil or grease.

Therefore, if the reviews say that a certain pair can resist slipping in oil spills, it is good enough for you.

The sole should have some treads, but they should not be too deep as to allow food materials to get trapped. Today, synthetic soles are about as good as rubber soles, so there should be no issue at all.


Because bar and restaurant jobs require you to stay on your feet for a long time, comfort is very important and there are no two ways about it!

It is perfectly possible to have fully slip-resistant but very uncomfortable boots. Some of the comfort features to check include arch support. Built-in arch support is very important.

You may also consider heel support, ball of foot support and so on. Actually, you can feel the heel and ball of foot support by the extra thickness that is on these areas on the insole.

Rather than choosing snug-fitting footwear, make sure it runs a little longer. That way, your longest toes will never hit against the toecap.

Design and build quality

This is where you consider certain things such as color. Because of spills and splashes, it is important that these shoes come in black or grayish color. You can always check what your employer specifies.

The quality of the stitching should be high as should that of the materials used. It is better to pay more money and get a pair that can last years than pay less for fewer features.


Choosing the best non slip shoes for servers need not be hard after reading this article. You might want to watch the price though because some can be quite highly priced. If the features justify the price, it is fine to buy it. Find a balance between price and features so that you don’t pay more than you should.