What Is The Bottom Of A Shoe Called?

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What is the bottom of a shoe called? Honestly, have you ever thought about this? To many of us, it is just the sole! And that is that.

However, a shoe is not just a shoe. There is more to it than meets the eye. Chances are that apart from the laces and the insole, many people cannot name any other part of the shoe. Challenge yourself today regarding this and see how well your foot knows its shoe.

For a shoe to be fully functional, that is, to do what it does, it comes with many parts. These parts work in relation to each other to enhance your comfort, power your gait and bounce and most importantly, protect your feet.

What is the bottom of a shoe called?

Long story short, it is the SOLE. This part of the shoe is immediately beneath the ball of you foot and the toe region. It then joins the heel over the waist (another part of shoe bottom). Together, these two parts are in direct contact with the ground.

The bottom of the shoes is “arguably” the most important part of the shoes. There is a reason for that. You see, the bottom of your foot, which is also the sole, is the part of your foot that is in contact with the ground. Therefore, if there are sharp nails waiting, pebbles, rocks and any other hurtful thing, it first gets in contact with the sole of your foot before it gets to any other part of the foot.

Because of their important work of protecting your feet, the soles are made of hardy materials. These are materials such as rubber, synthetic material and even leather. The latter is not very popular today, perhaps because of the cost.

Others parts of the bottom of the shoe

If you can note some information above, we said that the sole is the part that is directly beneath the ball of your foot and the toe area.

Heel Part – This is the part of the shoe that is directly beneath your heel area. In many shoe models, this part is higher to help with gait. It also helps in launching your foot when you are walking. Like the sole area, the heel area is also in contact with the ground all the time.

Shank – This small flat piece of metal or leather is between the inner sole and the outer sole. This flexible piece supports the foot and it helps to keep your shoes in shape.

Shoe waist – Did you know that a show has a part called waist? Just as its name suggests, this is the part that is in the middle of the ball and the heel areas. It is the raised area that supports the arch of your foot.

Welt – Although this is not really at the bottom of the shoes, we can say it is at the bottom-side of the shoes. It is a thin leather strip that joins the sole and the upper part of the boots. It goes around the entire shoe.

Feather – This is just a name of the place where the sole meets the upper part of the shoe.


What is the bottom of a shoe called? You now know that it is not called the sole entirely. It has a few important parts that we have discussed above. While we are sure you are going to refer to it as a sole anyway, it does feel refreshing to know that your shoes are this complex.