Best Shoes for Sesamoid Fracture

If you would like to buy the best shoes for sesamoid fracture, you have come to the right place.

But first, what is sesamoid fracture ?

Now, one of the most prominent parts of your foot is the ball of foot area. This is the thick, fleshy part that is located immediately after the toes and it stretches to the arch. The arch is the raised part in the middle of your foot.

Now, inside the Sesamoid, there are sesamoid bones. Like their counterparts the metatarsal bones, these are thin and fragile. They can sustain fractures easily especially when you sustain a foot injury.

If this happens, you will definitely need shoes for sesamoid fracture, unless you choose to just stay at home.

Since the ball of foot area is involved in the propulsion of the foot when you are walking, unless you get the right footwear, you will mostly not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Relax! Shoe manufacturers have everything you need. They even have running shoes for sesamoiditis. They also have insoles for sesamoiditis.

Keep reading. We shall review a few of them and then we shall bring you a buying guide.

Best Shoes for Sesamoid Fracture Reviews

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of best shoes for sesamoid pain. It can be a bit of a bother to find the best pair among so many.

To help you, we have done the footwork for you. We bring you five sesamoiditis shoes. They will give you relative comfort as you walk from one place to another.

In the past, we have looked at the best footwear for various foot issues, one of them being Achilles Tendonitis.

1. Rockport Men’s M7100 Milprowalker

Best Shoes for Sesamoid Fracture

Since the early 70s, Rockport has been making dress shoes for men and women. In fact, by design, the Men’s M7100 Milprowalker looks like a dress shoe that you can wear to work in the office. It also has excellent build quality and it is going to last a long time. Let us look at some of its features one by one:

Upper Leather

The upper is made of 100 percent leather. It almost looks like suede but it is not. With just a wipe with a damp piece of cloth, you will get it clean and ready for work. It is also breathable so it lets air circulate over your feet. Leather is waterproof to a certain degree even when it is not treated with a waterproof membrane.

Rubber Sole

The outer sole is made of rubber and this has various advantages. First, it is responsive so you can walk more naturally, without subjecting the ball of foot area to any undue pressure.

You will get proper traction on different surfaces. One thing that all the men’s or best women’s dress shoes for sesamoiditis have in common is good traction. That way, you can walk without fear of slipping on your already fractured foot.

Interior and Comfort

Room is what you need most when you have fractured sesamoid bones. Thankfully, these shoes are designed with enough room so even if your feet swell a little, they will still accommodate them.

That is not all because they come with an EVA footbed that responds to your feet as you walk and supports you in all the areas that require support.

In addition, Rockport has incorporated some technology in these shoes. For example, they offer support in the arch, ball of foot area and heel.

You need good support in these three places. They have integrated their own Walking Platform that offers support and responsiveness at the same time.

Lastly, the tongue and the color come padded to help prevent pressure on the foot even when you need to tighten the laces.

2. HOKA ONE ONE Running Shoes for Sesamoiditis

best shoes for sesamoid problems

Sometimes, when your foot condition is not too severe, you want a pair of shoes that you can run in. The HOKA ONE ONE is made specifically for running.

When checking on, you will get many color options for these shoes. They come true to size, but the vendor provides a sizing chart to help you get your number.

Outer Sole

The outer sole is thick and bouncy in such a way that it makes it possible to walk on rough ground without feeling a thing.

The only complaint that you may note with many users is that the outer soles wear out too fast. However, please note that this is basically a road shoe. Therefore, it is not a pair that you can wear to go hiking the rough trails.


The cushioning that you will get with this pair of shoes is superb. It does not make it to the list of the best shoes for sesamoid fracture in vain. In addition, it is very supportive and by design, it encourages neutral supination, so people with under or overpronation can wear the shoes. Arch support is available and the heel and ball of foot area are also supported. In addition, there is proper distribution of pressure to prevent the ball of foot area from being overworked.

The interior is also lined with a good fabric lining. It is soft to the feet, breathable and it stays fresh all the time.

The high quality footbed conforms to your feet. The more you wear these shoes, the more the footbed molds itself to the shape of your feet. It is one of the reasons why medics recommend this pair of shoes.


The upper of these shoes is meshed for breathability. This has the benefit of keeping your feet dry and fresh throughout the day. However, on the flip side, the meshed upper cannot keep your feet dry even in the lightest of showers. Therefore, make sure you are not caught in the rain in this pair.

The tongue and the collar are padded to prevent the laces from exerting undue pressure on your feet. The heel loop helps you to pull on your shoes easily.

3. New Balance Men’s 928 V3 Walking Shoe

what shoes are best for sesamoiditis

New Balance tops the list here and with good cause too. It is one of the most renowned brand names for walking shoes. Therefore, they make some good shoes for people with certain feet and leg conditions such as hip pain, Achilles tendonitis and now … sesamoid fracture.

Interior and Comfort

For a person with sesamoid pain, nothing is as vital in their shoes as comfort and support. Well, suffice to say you will find more than enough of the two in the NB Men’s 928 V3 walking shoes.

The shoes are designed with a high quality Abzorb cushioning. It will absorb most, if not all of the impact that would otherwise get to your feet.

When you have fractured bones in the ball of feet area, you do not want any shock getting to the inflamed tissue. It can cause you untold pain and prevent you from walking.

New Balance have also used a special ROLLBAR technology for enhancing your stability while you are on your feet. What this technology does is that it guides your gait from the rear of your foot, so that you can maintain a natural roll of the foot.

The interior has a Phantom Liner which helps to contain foot odor. It is also friendly on your feet such that you can wear them without socks and you will not feel irritated.

Rubber Outsole
If you get high quality interior and technology incorporated into the shoes but get poor exterior features, your walking will not be completely painless. In this case the shoes come with a high quality rubber sole. It is thick enough such that you will not feel rocks through the sole.

Removable Insole

While we cannot say that these walking shoes come with sesamoiditis insoles, they are supportive and you may remove them for replacement.

These insoles are made of polyurethane, which is firm and supportive. Combined with the other supportive features of the shoes, you can be able to spend many hours on your feet.

Upper Leather

The upper of these shoes is made with 100 percent leather. However, this is soft and flexible leather that bends with your foot to aid in movement.

It is also breathable so it lets in air, which keeps your feet dry and fresh all day long. You may treat these shoes with a leather conditioner occasionally to make them waterproof.

4. Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker – Shoes for Sesamoiditis

best shoes for broken sesamoid

True to its name, this pair of walking shoes is going to addict you. It comes with truly impressive features which include the midsole cushioning. However, that alone would not be enough to keep your ailing ball of foot area supported and cushioned against shock. Therefore, let’s explore the features of the Brooks Women’s Addiction Shoes one by one.

Outer sole

This shoe comes with a synthetic sole. It is thick and supportive in all the right places. In addition, the sole is slip resistant, offering good traction on almost all surfaces.

Because of the MC pod build in the forefoot area, you are able to keep your feet aligned naturally. You feet also stay stable, balanced and comfortable.

To further enhance support, these shoes have been designed with the EPD (Extended Progressive Diagonal) Rollbar that offers excellent support to your foot’s arch.

Its main job is to guide your foot so that it stays aligned naturally when in motion. This enhances your gait, and spreads the pressure evenly so that your inflamed ball of foot area is not subjected to unnecessary pressure.

Interior and Comfort

The interior of these walking shoes is very comfortable and supportive. First, there is the BioMoGo DNA cushioning that helps the shoes to conform to your foot as you walk.

It also helps the shoes to adapt to your weight. That way, the areas of the sole that are most prone to wear are protected as this technology distributes your weight evenly.

Leather Upper

These shoes have a leather upper, so they are waterproof, stylish and durable. Besides, this leather is flexible, so the shoes bend right where they should as you walk. The leather is also breathable so your feet will not sweat too much.

The shoes come with bungee laces, so you mostly just pull them on and they will stay intact. If you want to change to regular laces, you can do it easily. The tongue is thickly padded. Therefore, even if you lace them up tightly, you will not feel the pressure of the laces on your feet.

Finally, you may also remove the stock inserts and replace them with orthotic inserts if you like.

5. Dr. Comfort Carter Mens Shoes for Sesamoiditis

what shoes are best for sesamoiditis

These are not only the best shoes for sesamoid pain, but they are also the most stylish casual shoes that you can slip onto your feet when you are at home. You can also wear them for casual strolls around the neighborhood.

Roomy interior

This is the first thing that you will truly appreciate about these casual shoes. If your feet swell, your need a pair of shoes that can accommodate them and these ones will truly help.

In addition, if you have foot deformities, bunions and other issues, these shoes have enough room even in the toe box to accommodate the feet comfortably.

Lycra Upper

These shoes are made with lycra upper. From a distance it looks like suede but when you look closely, you will realize that it is actually more refined.

One of its benefits is breathability. You will always have fresh air circulating over your feet all the time. This will help prevent the development of foot odor.

Getting in and out of these shoes for sesamoid pain is so easy because they are secured with a Velcro strap. It can also help you fit your shoes properly.

Rubber Outsole

While the rubber outsole is not as thick as that of the other walking shoes that we reviewed before this one, it still offers enough protection from the hard ground rocks and other things.

Protection is very important when the ball of foot area is inflamed. The sole is also designed to give you proper traction over different surfaces.


These shoes come with high quality cushioned insoles. These ones help keep your feet cool, comfortable and supported for all the time that you will be wearing them.

It is important that you only wear these shoes inside your home because they are slippers by design. They are not waterproof and they are mostly good for light use. They are the kind of shoes that you slip into to keep your feet warm at home, in the evening.

Buying Guide for the Best Shoes for Sesamoid fracture

You have seen that the market has more than its fair share of sesamoiditis shoes. However, what you don’t know is the factors that you should consider before buying a pair.

Image of sesamoiditis shoes
sesamoid bone

Here are the most important ones to bear in mind:

A) Cushioning

This is what you need most when it comes to shoes for sesamoid fracture. You do not need to feel a hard surface pressing into your already inflamed ball of foot area. The keyword here is “plush.” It should feel so soft, so responsive and if possible, it should come with an ortholite insole.

Even if it doesn’t, at least it should have a removable one so that you can exchange it with another one. Check that the shoes have enough cushioning at the ball of foot area because that is where you need it most.

B) Arch support

Research shows that people with high arches are prone to sesamoid fracture. Therefore, if you have high arches, you need a shoe that is made to support such type of feet. Basically, you need to know your arch type so that you can choose the most appropriate support.

C) Toe Box Room

A walking boot for sesamoiditis should have ample room in the toe box. You need a lot of room in the ball of foot area.

You could buy shoes that are a size larger, but then they would be prone to slipping and hurting your heel area. Therefore, you need to make sure the shoes have enough room at the toe area and that they are also fitting.

D) Material

Rubber outer sole is always better because it is responsive. However, walking or running shoes for sesamoiditis should come with thick soles. You need all the cushioning that you can get from your ailing feet.

The upper can be made of leather, fabric or a combination of leather and fabric or mesh and fabric. If you will wear the shoes for the better part of the day, you need them to be as breathable as possible.

Also, the interior of the shoes should have some sort of lining. Cloth is better because it is soft on the feet. The footbed should be medic-approved or removable.

Wrapping Up

With the reviews for the best shoes for sesamoid fracture that we have brought you here and the buying guide, you can be able to choose a comfortable pair for your feet.

Just make sure they have enough cushioning and they are roomy enough for your feet. The last thing that you want in your best shoes for sesamoid pain is to have them too fitting.

If possible, also get the best insoles for sesamoiditis. They will offer extra support and cushioning, which will enhance healing.