Best Shoes for Restaurant Manager

best shoes for restaurant servers

What are the best shoes for restaurant manager ?

There are many. However, even before you can choose a couple of restaurant boots, you need to know what a person holding this position looks for.

A restaurant manager is a very busy person. He/she has the sacred duty of seeing that every customer is satisfied.

To achieve that, he must coordinate with the kitchen and indeed other departments to ensure that everything works fine.

Because the nature of this work requires a manager to stay on his or her feet many hours in a day, two things matter most in their shoes. These are comfort and support.

Reviews for Best Restaurant Work Shoes

These shoes ought to feel comfortable. They should also be black in color because you want them to hide splashes. Also ensure they have good traction.

Here are a couple of shoes that you can use for restaurant managing jobs:

1. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Winder II Work Shoe

most comfortable dr scholls shoes

Dr. Scholl’s is one of the most well known brand names when it comes to ergonomic work shoes. As you will see from the Winder II for men, this is a well-earned reputation.

First, it is made of leather, which is good for durability. Secondly, it has a well-built synthetic sole that is non-marking. This means that it does not leave boot prints on the floor.

The Lock Step out sole is slip resistant, oil-resistant and it is designed to meet TM144 and SATRA TM63 standards.

Because there are likely to be spills in the kitchen and other floors of the kitchen, you need such a sole to keep you safe throughout the working hours.

Thirdly, the upper is made of leather. It is also black in color, which is good for preventing water spots. In restaurant jobs, there are splashes and spills happening all the time. Therefore, you need footwear that does not show them.

Two things are very important in restaurant footwear. One is comfort since this job entails standing for long hours. The second one is support.

To support this, you get an interior that has moisture-wicking ability and the Cool Fit insole is made of memory foam.

Finally, there is an Aegis Microbe Shield for controling odor. The arch support is good for all types of feet whether they have low or high arches.

2. Shoes for Crews Men’s Condor

shoes for crews merlin canvas black

This is a slip-resistant food service work sneaker, which not only has an incredible build but looks very sporty and nice too.

It is perfect for a person who spends most of their working hours on their feet. Whether you are walking or standing, these boots will give you comfort and support.

The upper is made of 100 percent leather for durability. With proper care and maintence, this pair is going to last a long time. It is also waterlproof so if you encounter a spill, it is not going to get to your boots.

Made in the sneaker-style, you can wear this pair for a long time without feeling fatigued or cramped. In fact, it looks like a sports shoe. The sole is made of rubber. It is slip-resistant. It makes every step quite comfortable and purposeful.

The interior of these shoes is designed for comfort. The insole is removable. It is a good insole, but in case you need a better one, you can just replace this one easily. Perhaps you need a higher arch support or a lower one. It should be easy to change.  

Buying guide for the best shoes for restaurant manager

Since this job involves a lot of movement and spending many hours on your feet, there are certain things that your shoes must have. Here are a few important considerations:

Comfort and Fit

Restaurant footwear must be very comfortable. The interior should be well lined and breathable so that your feet stay dry all day long.

Image of best shoes for restaurant manager

At the same time, the insole should give you good arch support and if possible, it should be supported on the heel and ball of foot area.

Snug fit is better for these shoes. If too wide, it will feel awkward. If it is too narrow, it will hurt your feet.

High quality sole

Usually, soles are made of leather, polyurethane or rubber. Whatever material they are made of, they should be high quality for durability.

Just ensure that the sole gives you good traction on different surfaces, on water or oil. These are some of the things in the restaurant work environment.

Waterproof upper

Spills will happen no matter how careful you are. These can be water, soup, coffee or even food spills. Therefore, you need a pair of boots that does not let any of these things inside to protect your feet.


When choosing the best shoes for restaurant manager, the design matters a lot. Slip-on is better because it is easy to pull on and off. Sneaker-style footwear also scores highly especially with bungee laces. However, some regular styles such as the Dr. Scholl’s that we have discussed here are really good.