Why Do My Boots Squeak? 3 Reasons

When you get a spanking brand new pair of boots, they may squeak. Or they may not! During the break-in period of your new shoes, you might notice some strange noises coming from inside, outside or from the joint between the upper and the sole.

But why do my boots squeak? They mostly squeak because there is a certain deformity in their design such that there is some friction between the upper and the sole. They could also produce this annoying noise because the insole moves against the outer sole with friction. These two are the main causes of squeaking noises from shoes.

Squeaking is a problem that is more common with leather shoes. Cloth and snythetic shoes hardly squeak. Keep reading to see why these shoes produce squeaking sounds.

Reasons why leather shoes squeak

There are not that many reasons for shoes squeaking. There are mainly three of them, which we will discuss in the upcoming sections.

Friction between upper and outer sole

The main reason why your leather shoes squeak is because they generate friction. Somewhere in their design and style, somehow, the leather upper and the sole touch, and since they are not too smooth, they generate friction. It is like rubbing to items on each other tightly. They produce sound. In a quiet room full of people, this sound can be embarrassing. But don’t worry too much because there are ways to stop it.

Squeaking from the insole

The shoes may be producing the squeaking sound from the insole. When the insole is loose and it keeps sliding against the outsole as you walk, it could make such noises. Therefore, you need to check it. There is a quick fix for the same so you do not have to worry too much about it.

There is another thing about the insole. If the shoes make the squeaking noises when you walk and you feel there is too much space around your feet, the shoes are too roomy. You can get an extra pair or a thicker pair of insoles so that the shoes fit you properly. Protalus or Superfeet custom insoles make good choices, with good arch support.

Shoes squeaking due to friction between outersole and floor

Sometimes, the squeaking noise will be coming from the floor, when the sole gets into contact with it. It means that the outer sole is too rough and that is why you are generating friction when you walk. If the boots have grit stuck on them, they are likely to make squeaking noises as you walk on tiles.

How to stop the shoes from squeaking

Now that we know the three main causes of boots squeaking, we will see how to stop this noise. There are simple tricks to help you do that.

Take the shoes to a cobbler

If you suspect that the boots are making noise where the upper joins the sole, take them to a cobbler. He/she will find the problem and if the glue has come off, he is going to redo the shoe correctly.

image of how to stop shoes squeaking

He will reattach the soles properly so that they stop making these noises. An expert will also help iron out other issues that could be causing the noises.

Sprinkle the interior of the shoes with powder

Once you have established that the noise is coming from the inside of the shoes, you should remove the insoles. Sprinkle the inside with talcum powder and return the insoles. If they were sliding inside the shoes, the powder will help with that.

If the boots are a bit large, check whether you can change the insoles or add foam insoles. That should make the shoes fit more snugly and comfortably.

 Rub the outsole with a sandpaper

If the shoes are making noise from the friction caused when you step on the floor, reduce it. One of the ways to do that is to sand the outsoles lightly, in such a way that they do not become too smooth. If there was any grit stuck on the sole, the sanding will remove it. The shoes will be quiet when you walk on tiled or other floors.


If you ask why do my boots squeak, they must be bothering you. Here, you have seen three main reasons for that. You have also seen the simple steps to take to prevent this annoying noise.