What Is EVA Sole? Benefits & Best Uses

What is EVA sole?

This is one of the most popular soles that you will find in the market. In fact, many work boots come with these types of soles.

In another article, we asked: what is the bottom of a shoe called? Of course, it is the sole. But then, there is more to it than meets the eye as always happens with many things.

Most of the time, we just want to find out whether the footwear we are buying comes with a leather, rubber or synthetic sole.

 But hold that thought ….

Have you ever thought about the sole of your shoe? Come to think of it, when shopping for shoes, people concentrate mostly on how good a shoe looks on the outside rather than its characteristics.

So, what is an Eva Sole? It’s a plastic sole made from EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) material and foam to form rubber-like soles that are flexible, responsive to your foot bends and movements. They are also soft. This is a type of plastic but it has the flexibility, comfort and durability of rubber.

Because of the combination of materials used to make these soles, they are flexible, long-lasting and they resist UV rays and radiation. Keep reading to see more benefits of wearing shoes with EVA soles.

Which is a better sole material: EVA or rubber?

This is one of the most contentious issues out there. Some people swear by EVA soles and others swear by rubber soles. However, as it turns out, these are two different specimen altogether and so they come with distinctive benefits and some similarities.

EVA soles

The EVA sole is very responsive, light in weight and responds very well to your foot needs. It bends when you need it to bend. It rolls when your foot rolls. Basically, what we are saying is that it supports the natural motion of your feet.

And that is not all! You see, since this is a lightweight sole, it is great on casual, home wear shoes. It is also good for walking and running shoes.

If the weather is cold, these soles will help to keep your feet warm.

Rubber Soles

Rubber is definitely the king when it comes to all types of work boots, casual shoes and even sandals and slippers.

You see, it is as responsive as the EVA material. In addition, it offers great traction on different surfaces. Like the EVA soles, rubber is also responsive to the foot movements and it supports the natural motion of your feet as you stand, walk or run.

Image of eva sole material

Rubber also offers incredible foot support in the right places such as the heel, arch, ball of foot area and others.

You can use rubber soled boots and shoes for work, for casual wear as well as for adventure, you know, trekking, hiking and so on.

What is Eva midsole?

The midsole is the thin sole or material that is placed between the shoe’s inner and outer soles for absorbing shock. On the midsole, you will find the steel shank.

You don’t want to prick your foot against small stones on the road. Therefore, a midsole helps in this regard, giving your feet more protection.

The midsole is between the outer sole and the upper part of the shoe. This part can give extra cushioning for your feet against hard surfaces when walking or running.

It also offers stability to your feet and body weight. In addition, the insole gives your feet good arch support and protects your ankles, knees, and hips from back pain.

What is Eva foam?

EVA is made of two types of plastics. These are Ethylene and Vinyl-Acetate, which form a co-polymer. However, that is not all. In the construction, air bubbles are introduced to the plastic to form EVA foam.

EVA foam is molded under high pressure to take shape and designed in a molded cavity. When you bake a cake or pie, it takes the shape of the mold you baked it in.

This can be a heart shape, a circle, or a triangle with a design inside. That is why you end up choosing the design that pleases you the most.

What is EVA footbed?

A footbed is the inside part of your shoe that your feet rest on. It is also referred to as the insole. The comfort of your Footbed depends on the manufacturer of your shoe.

An Eva footbed is built to cushion your feet and make your feet as comfortable as possible. It is also built for heat and cold resistance.

If you are an athlete, an exercise enthusiast, or you walk a lot, a shoe fitted with EVA sole or midsole offers you comfort, flexibility, durability, shock absorption and lightness. In fact, the sole is one of the chief considerations to bear in mind when ordering a fitness shoe.


Now you know what is EVA sole, footbed, and midsole. You have also seen how this material can keep your feet well supported, comfortable and protected from cold or heat. A comfortable shoe protects your feet against hard surfaces and terrains.

Remember, just because the sole is not rubber, it does not mean the material is not worth it.