Tested Techniques for How To Fix High Arches

Why is it so important to know how to fix high arches? There are many reasons for this. The first one is that high arched feet are a deformity and like any other, you ought to treat it if you can.

High arch is also referred to as Cavus Foot. It sounds a bit frightening but you can live with it. In the extreme cases, you can go for surgery. However, before it gets to that, you can try different things that we will show you here.

Because you do not walk naturally when you have high arches, you may experience pain and stiffness in the ankles, the muscles of the foot and even on the knees.

How do you know you have high arch feet?

First, you can watch the video below. Second, you can continue reading the rest of the article to know more.

The arch mostly refers to the area between the ball of your foot and the heel. It is referred to as an arch due to the shape that it forms as you walk or stand. If the arch is too high, it is a big problem for you. The arch does not touch the ground when you stand, which leads to poor weight distribution since it is the heel and the ball of your feet that have to carry all that weight.

It is very simple really. But first, you have to understand the purpose of the feet. One of them is weight distribution, since they carry all of your weight. However, when you have arched feet, the feet try to compensate for this deformity by rolling outwards as you walk. This leads to the development of a condition known as supination.

In most cases, the high arch foot condition runs in families. However, anyone can develop it. If you think, but you are not sure whether you have high arch feet, you can perform a simple test. I will show you how:

  • Spread out a white piece of paper on the ground, enough for you to stand on
  • Dip your feet in water
  • Stand on the white paper with your wet feet to make footprints
  • Study the footprints. If they are just ball and heel, you have a high arch problem


Tips for how to fix high arches

Whether you were born with this condition or you developed it over time, knowing how to fix high arches can help make your life more comfortable. You need to know how to treat this especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. If you wear work boots daily, high arch can be quite a problem for you. You must know how to fix the condition.

Here are a few ways to fix high arches:

Using shoe orthotics for how to fix high arches

Shoe orthotics are the quick solution for how to fix high arches. These are inserts that you can buy off the shelf, or which you can order to be customized for you. It is always a good idea to consider the custom orthotics because they help correct the situation faster.

The main reason for fixing high arches is that you can regain proper walking gait. The shoe inserts that you get can help fill up the high gap between the ball and the heel. This way, they correct the gait, they also help you walk naturally with a well balanced gait, same as a person who does not have a high arch problem.

You can buy high quality orthotic inserts online. In our article on best insoles for work boots, we looked at the best inserts that you can buy for your boots. Thankfully, most of them come true to size and so you just need to insert it in your shoes and put them on. You will find that most come with good arch support.

If you experience foot pain associated with the high arch, you should get a customized pair of inserts. This may require you to visit an expert so that they can create a plaster cast of your foot. That way, you will get an insert that can truly help fix your high arches.

It will cost you more to get a customized insert. However, it is definitely worth it. One of the things that you will get from customized orthotic inserts is full support. When the arch is supported, your weight is distributed equally across the feet.

Image of high arch treatment

Exercises for fixing high arches

Exercise is not a quick fix for high arches. However, with time and consistency, it is going to help you recover from the problems associated with high arches. If you have been feeling pain in the heels and balls of your feet, these exercises should help alleviate that pain. When you have high arches, it is hard to walk normally. However, exercise can help in that area.

Let us look at a few exercises that you can engage in to help your high arches condition:

Toe pick-up exercises

Here, you drop things on the ground and then pick them up with your toes. For example, you can start with easy to pick things such as rags, towels and many more. However, with time, you can try picking up a golf ball. The reason for using this exercise is to flex your toe muscles, strengthen the connectors, build their stamina and strength.

Towel stretch

Here, you just need to sit down with your feet ahead of you. Take a towel, loop it around your toes and then pull them back. Repeat this several times in the morning or evening, or wherever you have the time. Like the toe pick-up exercises, the towel stretch one tightens the toe muscles, and strengthens the connectors as well.

Toe squeeze exercises

Again, these are simple to perform. You just need to insert your fingers between your toes and then squeeze them with the toes as hard as possible. You can repeat this exercise as much as you want. After all, it costs nothing.

These are just a few of the exercises that you can do on your own, at your own free time. They are simple, cheap and effective and they do help your feet.

How to fix high arches with surgery

In some cases, surgery might be the only solution. However, this should be the last resort after trying out different fixes. When there is excess arching in the foot, which could be natural or as a result of trauma to the foot, surgery will be necessary.

When you opt for surgery, you will be granting the surgeon the right to give your feet new arches. This means that you will need to do some aftercare to maintain the new arches. Before the surgeon puts the knife to your foot, he will have done a serious diagnosis to define the cause and the extension of the deformity.

It will take some time to recover from the surgery. Usually, full recovery takes six months. That is a long time and that is why we said you should go the surgery way only when it is very necessary.

Best shoes and boots for high arches

Just as we have orthotic inserts that have been developed for high arches, we also have some nice shoes and boots for high arches. Some of the shoes that you can wear for high arches include loafers, which are perfect for warm weather.

Even if you are looking for boots for work, for hiking, or even regular wear, just check for the ones with built-in arch support. These can also come with built-in features that support the high arches. However, even if you have regular boots, you can just buy supportive inserts for them.

If you wear work boots and you have been experiencing pain, then you need to think of getting high arch boots. When you have the high arch condition, your feet cannot absorb shock well. You will also not be able to spend a lot of time on your feet. However, all these problems can be eliminated by buying a pair of boots that is built for high arch support.

To know how to fix high arches with boots, first, you need to choose the right pair of boots. Secondly, you need to ensure that the boots have support in the right places. Consider shoes that have pads in the heel areas. This is where you need most of the support for your feet.  Extra cushioning might also be available for the ball area. The heel and the ball area suffer most because they take all the body weight when you have high arches.

When buying shoes or boots for arch support, check the insoles. They should feel well-padded and cushioned. However, since you are buying such shoes for support, the insert should not be too soft. It should be firm and comfortable.

In conclusion

When you have high arches, life on your feet can be a bit hard for you. However, like every problem, there are many solutions to fix your high arches. The first thing you need to do is to determine the extent of the condition and the cause. If high arches run in your family, you do not need too much diagnosis. However, if your high arches were caused by trauma, you may need corrective surgery. So far, our best solution for how to fix high arches is to buy the best pair of boots with incredible arch support, in combination with a few exercises.