Lucchese 1883 vs Classics: Which is The Better Boot?

There is no winner or loser between Lucchese 1883 vs Classics boots.

The Lucchese boot company has been making cowboy boots since 1883. Therefore, everytime that someone orders a pair from them, they order a piece of their history. Like good wine, this footwear has become better with time.

But if these boots are not the same, why do we say there is no winner or loser? The reason for that is that they are made differently and so what you get depends on your needs.

There are actually three lines of boots under this brand name. The third one is called Heritage. However, for now, we shall concentrate on these two.

1883s vs Classics Cognac Differences

What are Lucchese Classics? These are handmade boots. They are made under close supervision, using select material. They come in different colors, but the cognac ones seem to be the most popular. These boots are also customized for the fit so that they can come true to size. They are quite popular with young professionals.

The1883s are named after the year that this company started making footwear. Therefore, many people buy them for the sentimental value and the history too. However, these shoes are also very comfortable and durable.

Whatever boot you buy under this brand name, you will find it a good mix of luxury, style and legend. This is much more than you will ever get anywhere else.

These models may look alike, being from the same brand name. However, as you delve deeper into them, you start to find outstanding differences as you will see below.

Are Lucchese 1883 boots handmade? Which is more handmade?

Yes they are, in El Paso, Texas.

However, you should note a few things here. First, when a company says it offers handmade products, it does not mean that the entire shoes are hand made.

Image of Lucchese 1883 boots

Mostly, only some parts of the product that are handmade. The rest are machine made. Therefore, this factor does not influence the decision of many buyers.

However, it is all about the feeling of prestige that handmade products give. Therefore, if you would like to experience such, go for Classics that are more handmade than machine made. They have more handmade parts than the 1883s.

You may wonder why it is called handmade then. It is because of the attention that the boot gets. Many machines are used as tools in the production process. However, the shoes get more attention than what regular ones get on an automated production line.

As we said, if such things matter to you, you can go for the Classics.


What are the most expensive cowboy boots in the world? You will not be surprised that this brand name features a lot in the top 10. For example, its models such as the Romia Cowboy, Baron and Colton Cowboy boots prices range from $6000 to $13,000.

But not to worry because the 1883s and the Classics are their most affordable lines. However, while some models from these lines almost match, the 1883s tend to cost slightly more.

To understand their prices better, you can compare two models from the two lines side by side. For example, L. Classics Womens N4604 5/4 Boot costs $373 on At the same time, the 1883 Womens N4540.54 Boot costs $465 on the same marketplace, making it almost $100 costlier.

When it comes to the men wear, consider the 1883 Men’s Western Boot that costs $465 against the Classics Men’s Cole-ch Burn Md Goat Riding Boot that costs $372 and you can see there are some differences.

Of course, you can find some costlier models on the Classics line and cheaper ones on the 1883 line.

Build Quality: Lucchese 1883 vs Classics

When all is said and done, it all comes down to the build quality of the footwear in question. You will not be disappointed in this brand name.

Most of the parts for these two lines are made by hand. This does not mean that the cutting, nailing and stretching of the leather is done by hand. It means that a human being, a person had the shoes under close supervision when they were on the production line.

These boots come in different colors, from Cognac, which seems to be very popular to dark coffee shades and many more in between. You can wear them comfortably with jeans and they will look perfect for you.

The construction of these boots is superb. Stitching is high quality and durable. It will last as long as the boot. They use kevlar and nylon threads to make the stitches foolproof. The upper and the outsole join perfectly. In the shaft, no threads are left hanging to hurt your feet.

When it comes to build quality, both lines win.


There is no need of having a high quality pair of boots that look great on the outside but feel like crap when you wear them.

Image of Lucchese Classics

These ones do not disappoint at all. They are comfortably lined on the interior. At the same time, you will find the stock insoles very comfortable and safe. Most people wear their boots for their entire lifespan without changing the insoles.

Some of the things that you can expect from the insoles is support at the heel and ball of foot area. These are mainly the problem areas for the feet. With extra support, you can wear them with confidence.

You get proper arch support with these boots. The heel is raised up to 35mm for most models, but this matches with arch.


Comparing the Lucchese 1883 vs Classics is a bit hard because they all seem the same. They match on the price points as they cost more or less the same for matching models.

The Classics are suave and contemporary, more suitable to young professionals. The 1883s are popular for sentimental value.

They carry the date of when this company started making western footwear for men and women. These two lines are made of high quality leather soles and full leather uppers.