How To Cut Jeans For Cowboy Boots

Knowing how to cut jeans for cowboy boots can help the pants legs go over the boots easily. Therefore, if you are a boot enthusiast, you will find this post helpful.

Of course, you could just wear boot cut jeans, you know, ones designed with wider bottoms for wearing with boots.

However, if you have a pair of straight leg jeans that fit too tightly over your boots, well, this article has handy tips to help you cut jeans legs so that they can fit over the boots.

The main reason for cutting jeans is to make them large enough to fit over your boots. Some boots, for instance, cowboy boots can be a bit large especially if they come in the slip-on design.

How to cut jeans to fit over cowboy boots

This is a simple enough job. You will just need a pair of scissors and a pencil, and you are set to go.

To get started, just do the following simple things:

First: Wear those jeans

Wear the pair of jeans that you intend to alter.

Second: Wear the boots

Wear the pair of boots that you intend to use to measure how far you should alter or cut the jeans. If you have many pairs of jeans that you would like to cut and they are all the same length, you can use this one pair as a guide. If they are not the same length, measure them individually.

Third: Roll up the jeans about 2 inches

Roll up the pair of jeans until you get to the point where the boots start widening. Usually, you will find that you just need to roll the jeans up to about 2 inches. It hardly goes above that.

Fourth: Mark with pencil along outer and inner seam

Take your pencil and then create two marks, one on each side of the jeans, on the inside and outside seams. Make the marks thick enough so that they do not rub out. You need not worry about the graphite marks because they are going to wash out when you clean the jeans.

Fifth: Remove jeans and cut

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This is the final step. Remove the jeans and the boots. You can now unroll the jeans and make small cuts on the back side of the seams (outer). Please note, do not cut the jeans on the inner seam. It must be the outside seam. Make the cut just to the mark that you made with the pencil. When you fit your jeans, you will find that they go well over the cowboy boots.

How long should jeans be for cowboy boots?

What is the proper jean length with cowboy boots? This is a very common question on the web. If you make them too long, they will bundle up against the boots. If you make them too short, you will look like a clown. Also, sometimes you might think that you have gotten it right, only to have the jeans drag at the heel.

If you just cannot get the right length, it is better to make the jeans a bit longer than a bit shorter. When it is long, at least you can take it to a tailor and they can cut it to the right length.

It is best to buy jeans after buying the boots, so that you can measure your jeans length with the boots on your feet. To be exact, the right length is from the waist to an inch or less from the edge of the heel. It should not touch the ground, but you can make the length a bit close.

When in doubt, just go for brand names that make cowboy cut jeans. These will not only be easy to get the right size, but they are also tailored in such a way that they fit over the boots nicely since they are larger at the opening.

How to cut jeans at bottom for boots

Cutting the jeans hems off can help them fit better over the boots. Thankfully, just like cutting the sides of the jeans, the bottom is even easier to cut.

If the jeans are too long, cutting the hem off can help to make them more fitting. First, you need to determine how long a piece you need to cut.

To do this, make a mark on the side of jeans. You can then take a tape and measure the length from the hem. Make a few similar marks on the jeans from the hems.

You can then take a ruler, draw a line along the marks and using fabric scissors, cut along the mark that you have made.

Image of How to cut jeans at bottom for boots

How to cut jeans bottom for boots

Conclusion for how to jeans for cowboy boots

There are two ways to cut jeans for cowboy boots. One of them is along the sides and the second one is from the hem. The latter is for jeans that are too long. Both methods help the jeans fit well over your boots.

Did you know that you can also wear skinny jeans with cowboy boots? Boots are very versatile. If you are stylish, you can wear them with almost anything.