How To Clean Black Timberlands At Home

If you are a Timbers enthusiast, knowing how to clean black Timberlands can help you prolong their lifespan.

Besides, clean black boots always look awesome and since this is a neutral color, they go very well with just about any outfit.

Of course, cleaning black shoes is different from cleaning other types of shoes. For instance, you cannot use the same products as when cleaning white shoes.

In this post, we are going to show you everything you should know about cleaning black Timbers. We shall also look at the best cleaning products for such shoes.

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What household product can I use to clean black Timberland?

When you are cleaning your black Timbers at home, you will mostly want to use the readily available cleaning products.

This applies to many types of shoes too. Whether you are looking to clean leather, nubuck or suede shoes, you can find the right cleaning products in your home.

With so readily available cleaning products, you should clean the shoes often to keep them in tiptop condition all the time.

So, can you use white vinegar, dish-washing soap or baking soda, all of which are readily available at home?

You can definitely use white vinegar to clean your boots at home. You will mix it with water and then you can apply it with a clean piece of cloth.

You might also need a small amount of lemon juice, baking soda and cornmeal. All of these are products that you readily have in your kitchen. Also, you will need to use dish detergent, again, which you already have at home.

How to clean black leather Timberlands

To clean your black leather Timberlands, start by gathering the items that you need. These are a bowl, dish detergent, lukewarm water, lemon juice, cream of tartar, baby wipes, moisturizing body soap, and a piece of clean cloth.

Step 1: Remove superficial dirt

With a casual inspection, check for stuck mud or other dirt and remove that first. You can use a blunt knife or stick to remove the dried mud.

You can also clap the boots against each other so that the dirt falls off. You can also check the soles so that you can dislodge any small pebbles stuck in the treads.

Step 2: Clean with dish detergent and warm water

Pour a small amount of warm water in a small bowl and then add a tablespoonful of dish detergent in the water.

Mix it and then dampen a piece of clean cloth and use it to wipe the leather boots until they are clean.

You can let the boots sit for sometime before you proceed to the next step in the cleaning process.

Step 3: Using cream of tartar and lemon juice

In a small bowl, pour one part of cream of tartar and one part of lemon juice and mix them into a good mixture.

When you have a nice paste, dip a clean piece of cloth in the paste and apply it across the leather. If you need more, you can make it using the same process.

Leave the boots to air-dry for a few hours and then use a clean dry cloth to wipe them out.

Step 4: Condition your boots with moisturizing body soap

In this step, you need a small amount of water and moisturizing body soap. Rinse the soap in the water until you have a lathery mixture and then dip a small piece of cloth in the water and wipe it across the shoes in a circular motion.

Leave the boots to dry for a few hours and you will see that the soap keeps the leather moisturized and soft.

Step 5: Give the boots a sheen with baby wipe

This is the last step. Take some wipes and rub them lightly on the leather so that you can get rid of any light dirt. The wipes give your leather a nice shine that is going to last for a few to several days.

Once done, store your shoes in the right way to prevent them from getting dirty in storage.

How to clean black nubuck Timberlands

If you have Nubuck leather boots, you want to give them the best care possible because they are costly and better than suede and regular leather ones. So, how do you clean dirty nubuck shoes? It is not a hard process. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Use a gum eraser to rub the affected part

A gum eraser will help because it will not disturb the nap of the suede shoes. Even for the nubuck leather, you should rub it in a circular motion while keeping it gentle at the same time.

Step 2: If the nubuck leather is oiled

Nubuck leather is always oiled, so you should not skip this step under any condition. Here, apply cornmeal generously because it is going to absorb the grease. If there is an oil stain on the leather, cornmeal is going to absorb it completely.

Step 3: Clean stains with white vinegar

Take a piece of cloth and dip it in vinegar. Squeeze it so that it is just damp and then dab the affected part with it to remove the stain. You can allow the boots some time to dry after using the cloth with vinegar on them.

Step 4: Remove the fine dirt

You can use an old toothbrush to remove the fine dirt that always lurks on the leather surface. Just apply the toothbrush in gentle motions on the leather. If there is any dirt stuck firmly on the leather, it will remove it.

As you can see in the above four steps, this is just for spot cleaning the affected parts. If you need to deep clean the black Timberland boots, you will need to use a different technique altogether.

You can spot clean your boots everyday if you work in a job that is bound to cause stains. This can save you from doing a tiring deep cleaning later in the week.

You can see we did not even mention removing insoles and shoe laces because that is only necessary when you are deep-cleaning the shoes.

Some stains such as blood, grass, deep water stains and so on can be hard to remove with spot cleaning.

Therefore, you could do simple, superficial cleaning during the week as you wait for the weekend to give the Timbers a deep clean.

How to clean black suede Timberlands

The process for cleaning black suede Timberlands is almost similar to that of cleaning the Nubuck leather ones.

Use a suede brush to brush the affected area gently so that you can get rid of any stuck dirt. If there are stains, use the rubber eraser on the area but rub it gently so that you do not scuff the surface.

Image of How to clean black leather Timberlands

boot scrubbing

You will need some foam cleaner which you can apply on the leather to remove the stains. You can apply it with the suede brush and then give it a few minutes to soak in so that it can break the stain.

Take a clean rag and dip it in water, squeeze the excess water out just so the cloth can be damp. Use it to clean out the stained area and then leave the shoes to air-dry for some time.

After the boots are dry, spray them lightly with a suede protector and leave them to dry for some time before you store them in the closet.

Final Thoughts for How Clean Black Timberlands

Cleaning black Timberlands is not hard at all. However, it is best to spot-clean the affected area on the same day that it gets the stain. That way, it will not have time to spread to the rest of the boot.

If you are a boots enthusiast, buy some cleaning items such as white vinegar, brushes and others and keep them handy. That way, you can get to cleaning as soon as the shoe gets the dirt.