Danner High Ground 400g Review

Oregon-based Danner has been making high quality boots since 1932. Under this brand name, you can find models for hunting, work, law enforcement, military and many other models for men and women. If you check any Danner High Ground 400G review, you will see that this is one of their most acclaimed boots for both men and women.

In their lineup, they also have fashion boots for men, women and youth. Therefore, we can say that Danner is the one-stop-center for all types of boots.

Are Danner boots worth the money? Many boot lovers ask this question a lot and the answer is a resounding yes. However, you cannot know that until you delve into the details. That is why in this Danner High Ground 400G review, we shall find out what makes this footwear worth the money that you will pay for it.

As usual, in our single product reviews, we like to start by looking at the features and technical details, design, build quality, comfort and many more. Keep reading!

Danner High Ground 400G Features & Technical Details

There are High Ground boots for men and women, made with just about the same materials and features. The only difference is in the size because women’s sizes run narrower and shorter while men have longer and wider feet.

Design and Build Quality

First, the Danner High Ground boots are made for hunting. That is why they come in the come in the camouflage design so that they can merge well with the brush. Deer, elk, mountain goats and other prey have heightened senses of vision and sound. You can never be too careful.

If you care about looks (well, who doesn’t?), these are the hunting boots for you. Granted, you might not want to wear them for urban walking, but they do look nice. The combination of the leather and nylon for the upper part and the rugged masculine look are appealing.

If you are afraid that these boots look too heavy, relax. They are not! They weigh 1.5 pounds, which makes them light enough for hiking long distances.

As their name suggests, these high quality boots for using on the high grounds where it will be colder, wetter and the terrain more unforgiving.

The shaft size is 8 inches from the arch area. This is high enough and it offers good ankle support when you are hiking uphill or downhill.

Rugged Rubber Outsole

Most hunting boots come with rubber soles and the High Ground 400G from Danner Boots is not any different.

You see, rubber is quiet on many terrains, and silence counts a lot when you are stalking prey. This sole is also rugged and has deep lugs. It is designed to give you proper traction and grip on different terrains.

Image of Danner High Ground 400 G Hunting Boots

The sole is also thick enough to protect your feet from rocks, thorns, sticks and other perils out there. The outermost part of the sole also stretches to the toe area for extra protection. Hitting your foot against a tree stump is not going to make you yelp in pain.

This sole is waterproof, can give good traction on loose soil, rocky ground and other places. However, we would be more wary about using it on snow as it doesn’t seem made for that.

The Waterproof Upper

The upper of the boots is a stylish blend of rubber and nylon. It is also 100 percent waterproof, which is one of the reasons why this boot has the name High Ground.

The part immediately after the outsole is made of oiled leather. The leather goes all around the bottom of the boots, and it is also reinforced at the heels. This is then followed by a fabric part. Basically, the leather and fabric part blend so well that even with age, the seams where they are joined never fall apart.

This leather is scratch resistant. The fabric part of this hunting boots is made of 900D nylon.

Another thing that we might mention in this Danner High Ground 400G review is that it is so easy to get on and off. Because these boots have more space in the toe area and in the height in the space below the tongue, they are so easy to pull off your feet.

Lacing Design

Well, here, we feel that the laces should have been a bit thick. They are thin and they look like they would not last long when exposed to snow, water, mud and many more.

The good thing is that this is the load/lock lace system. Its main benefit is that it locks the heel into place securely. In addition, the lacing is super fast so you can change from other shoes to these boots fast.

Interior, Comfort and Footbed

The interior comfort of boots is very important especially when you know you will spend many hours in them. These boots are lined with breathable Gore-Tex lining, which is also waterproof. When your feet sweat, this lining helps to dissipate the sweat so that your feet stay dry and comfortable all the time.

The open-cell PU footbed has an antimicrobial fabric top for breathability and odor control. It is supportive too but people with low arches or flat feet might need to buy custom SuperFeet or Protalus insoles for more support.

Danner High Ground 400G Pros

  • Good price considering the features
  • Gore-Tex lining makes them breathable and waterproof
  • Nubuck leather used in construction is scratch-proof
  • This boot is 100% waterproof
  • The weight is good for hiking
  • Looks rugged and masculine
  • Enough room in the toe area

Danner High Ground 400G Cons

  • The laces are too thin and weak
  • Some users have complained that their stretched
  • Not good for using in the snow

Wrapping Up

There, you have seen all the important features in this Danner High Ground 400G review. The price is affordable. These hunting boots are very functional and they will serve you well.

However, yes, there is a however, these are not heavy duty boots. Therefore, you might want to wear them in the warm seasons. Also, take good care of them so that they can last a long time.

Recommendation: They may run a ½ size small, so you should order ½ size up so that they can fit you snugly.