Best Walking Boot for Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is a band of muscle that runs from your calf to the back of the heel. Therefore, when it becomes inflamed, you experience a lot of heel pain and tenderness in the back of your ankle. If you experience this condition, you need the best walking boot for Achilles tendonitis .

Of course, it is recommended that you get Achilles Tendonitis treatment. However, before you can get to that, you should first look for the best footwear that will assuage your pain or even better, just prevent it from occurring.

In addition to heel pain, other Achilles tendonitis symptoms include pain along the tendon itself, that is, on the back of your ankle. Therefore, when choosing a proper walking boot, make sure it will help assuage the pain that you may be experiencing.

Best Achilles Tendon Support Boots

So, are there specific Achilles tendon support boots? That is what we are going to find out in this section. In fact, we will review a couple of them that you can buy on different online marketplaces. Keep reading!

1. ProCare Walking Boot

best boots for achilles tendonitisWhen diagnosed with Achilles Tendonitis, you want to start wearing shoes or boots that help with the condition. These boots are designed in such a way that they will give your foot superior support in all the right places. ProCare walking boots are recommended for orthopedic support.

The upper of these shoes is made with a polymer shell. This is strong and most importantly, it hugs your feet and ankles more than leather uppers would. Besides, it has super strong Velcro fasteners – three of them that do a perfect job of holding your boots on your feet all the time.

Comfortable interior

The interior of these boots is designed to offer support to all areas of your feet. The foot bed is quite comfortable and it conforms to the shape of your feet. It also keeps your feet dry all the time that you will be wearing the orthopedic boot.

You will also love the fact that ProCare boots are easy to clean. A quick wipe down with a damp piece of cloth will do the job just fine.

On the outside, this pair of shoes has good sole that is anti-slip on many surfaces. You can get good traction when walking. This is a soft sole, which has been designed to absorb all the impact and the shock from walking. You don’t need to jar your already inflamed Achilles tendon.

The upper of the shoe is waterproof. However, since this is an open design boot, you cannot stand in water too long.

Since you will have to wear these boots for the entire day, you will love the fact that they are breathable and comfortable. You need to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long, to keep bacteria away.

2. Superior Low Top Boot

achilles tendonitis boot treamentWhen you have ankle, foot or heel injury, the last thing that you want is to have to sit down for long periods. Rather, you want to stay active on you feet. To do that, you need a good pair of orthopedic boots such as the Superior Low Top braces with rubber soles.

Inflatable bladder

The manufacturer of this boot has integrated an inflatable bladder into the lining. The reason for this is to enhance immobility of your foot or ankle when you wear the shoes.

When you have an ankle injury, the last thing that you need is the slightest movement on the ankle area. You want to keep the injured part stable.

Outsole and insole

These walking braces have been designed with Rocker out soles. They also come with a comfortable insole. Both work concurrently to absorb any impact or shock that comes with every step that you take.

The out sole is also flexible so that your can walk easily and longer on different terrains. Also, your feet stay immobile all the time. It offers proper traction on different surfaces so that you can keep on walking to help your feet heal faster.

Wearable on either foot

If there is an ambidextrous orthopedic boot for Achilles tendinitis, this one is it. You can wear it on either foot and it will still be very comfortable and help you heal. Therefore, unless you have injury on either feet or ankles, you do not need to buy two pairs. One will be enough.

The interior of the boots is lined with a membrane that is breathable, lets air in to keep your feet dry. The lining also dries faster if you have to clean it.

You will find this boot for Achilles tendonitis very comfortable. If you are going to wear it for a long time, your feet will not feel the duress.

3. United Ortho Short Walker Fracture Boot

best shoes for achilles tendonitisFor a very affordable amount of money, you can get this boot for children, youth, men or women. It can help you with Achilles Tendonitis. It has been designed with high quality materials.

Design and Build Quality

This boot is designed to last a long time. It comes with an all-leather upper. As we know, with proper maintenance, this can last a long time! It has a steel shank to keep the out sole in good shape and give you the arch support that you require.

The black color is quite nice. If you walk outdoors or in places that are likely to have splashes, this color will not show the water spots too much.

The out sole is made of firm rubber. It is thick so you will not feel small rocks and pebbles as you walk. The sole also offers support to your entire foot, thereby relieving heel pain if you experience any. It absorbs all the impact and shock that would otherwise get to your feet.


You know just how important that right support is if you have Achilles heel. You should get support both from the exterior and the interior of this walking boot.

Thankfully, this walking boot always comes with high quality stock insoles that are not only firm, but they offer your foot the support where it needs it most.

You will fasten this boot using Velcro tape. It is high quality and stays intact for the entire life of the walking boot for Achilles tendonitis.

How To Buy The Best Walking Boot for Achilles Tendonitis

Do not buy any orthopedic boot blindly, just because you are in pain and you need a reprieve. Rather, this is the time to be keen and consider the features Vis a Vis the price. Here is how to buy the right walking shoes for Achilles Tendon.

Image of walking boot for Achilles Tendinitis


The interior lining is breathable and comfortable. You don’t want your feet to whip up a sweat when you have barely walked a mile. The interior also offers incredible support to all foot areas including the heel, the ankle, the ball of foot area and the arch.


Find a walking boot that you can wear on either foot. The boot should also be the right size for you. That way, your foot fits comfortably, gets the support right where you need it. Also, it should be made of high quality materials such as polyester lining, Rocker sole and insole, Velcro locks and many more.


An amount from $40 going up should get you the best walking boot for Achilles tendonitis. However, where the health of your feet is concerned, you would do better to pay more for more features than otherwise.

That is it for the best walking boot for Achilles Tendonitis. When you buy one, consider that this condition might not heal completely, so when it comes back, you will use the same boot.