Best Shoes for Laboratory Work

If you work as a laboratory manager, you can be sure that you will need the best shoes for laboratory work. After all, you will spend most of your time in the lab standing. Therefore, if you do not get proper shoes, you will punish your feet terribly.

In addition, there are so many spills happening in the lab and some of them are dangerous poisons. Therefore, you do not want your feet to be exposed to any of them. That notwithstanding, not all shoes are good for lab work. Therefore, you need a pair made exactly for that kind of environment.

Luckily, if you are reading this, we shall bring you some of the top rated closed toe shoes for lab. In addition, we shall also bring you a small buying guide, you know, to show you the main factors that you should consider.

Reviews for Best Shoes for Laboratory Work

Here are reviews of the top lab appropriate shoes:

1. Skechers Men’s After Burn Memory Fit – Strike Off Lace-Up Sneaker

Best Shoes for Laboratory Work

Skechers is one of the most prominent names for casual shoes in the market today. They have been making supportive and comfortable shoes for decades. However, longevity in the market alone is not enough to make you buy a pair of shoes. Therefore, you need to see their features first.


This pair of shoes is a combination of leather and synthetic material. This pair of shoes comes with minimal weight, so you will not drag any unnecessary weight around in the lab. At the same time, it does not sacrifice the features that enhance support and comfort. Therefore, you will find it easier to do your lab work for many hours on your feet.

The sole is made of synthetic material. OK, rubber would have been superb, it always is, but then some of the top synthetic materials make nice shoes. One of the most important things in a shoe is traction. While this sole does not have very pronounced treads, it still keeps you stable on your feet even when you step on spills.

Lab safe shoes need good arch support. Therefore, you will be glad that these ones can accommodate people with both high and normal arches. If you have an issue of low arches, or you have flat feet, you will probably need custom insoles.

There is much more going for this pair of shoes. However, there are also some downsides to be aware of. For instance, the memory foam insole seems to wear out fast, in even less than 6 months. However, you can always replace them with Superfeet or Protalus insoles.

2. Skechers Women’s Gozard Slip Resistant Walking Shoe

best shoes for working in a lab

This is yet another pair of Skechers shoes. Looking at its features, it is simple to see why it qualifies to be listed here as one of the lab appropriate shoes. However, because of the meshed upper and the low design, you should not use these shoes in lab spills since they might not help much. Keep reading to see the features that make these the best shoes for lab techs.


First, let us consider the design of these shoes. They come in the slip-on style, so there are no laces to fuss about all the time. Not that lacing is a problem, but a good slip-on design is even better.

Also on the design, you will love the meshed upper that makes the laboratory shoes super breathable. Therefore, you can wear them in summer and you will not drench your feet in sweat.

On the same note, you will notice that the toe area is enforced with high quality composite material. The heel area also comes with this type of reinforcement. Therefore, you get a strong toe and heel area without having to carry the extra weight that steel toe shoes and boots come with.

You might be pleased with the slip-resistant rubber sole. In addition, because rubber is a non-conductor of heat and electricity, you will be safe from electrical hazards. When your feet are well protected, you can work confidently and increase your productivity.

The memory foam insole guarantees your comfort. Since these shoes are designed mainly for comfort, you will not even need to replace the stock insoles. Therefore, these shoes are good for servers, lab workers and anyone else who spends a lot of time on their feet.


These are superb shoes without a doubt. However, they still have their downsides. For instance, after about a year of regular use, you will realize that these shoes will start losing their comfort, even warranting replacement.

3. Dansko Professional – Best Shoes for Laboratory Work

what shoes do you wear in a lab

Dansko makes good working shoes for men and women. However, they seem to concentrate more on the lines work that come with spills. Therefore, these shoes can be the best shoes for laboratory work, restaurant jobs and many similar jobs. However, you can only find out whether this is a perfect pair of shoes for you after you see the features.


The upper of these shoes is made of leather. Therefore, the shoes are tough and durable. In addition, all it takes is a brush and some good polish to get them looking almost as good as new. In fact, you can use the Kiwi conditioning oil or Mink oil to give your shoes a new leash of life.

The sole is mainly responsible for keeping you safe through spills. In this case, the shoes come with polyurethane out sole. In addition, this is an anti-slip sole, so you can get through spills without slipping. The heel is also appropriately raised to measure about 2 inches.

Therefore, you will remain well elevated and this enhances even your posture. Most people who work on their feet for long hours experience heel pain if they wear flat-heeled shoes. That is why you should always opt for shoes with a raised sole, such as these ones.

Something else that makes this pair perfect for lab safety shoes is the wide heel. This makes you steady on your feet as you walk carrying specimen, samples and other things. In addition, the shoes have a rocker bottom, which helps in propelling your gait. That way, you can move easily, confidently and fast on any kind of floor.  


These are just some of the features of these laboratory shoes. However, the manufacturer could improve some things. For instance, the size seems not to be right. If you order your exact shoe size, it feels too tight. In addition, if you order one size up, they feel too loose and in some instances, they keep slipping out.

4. Dansko Men’s Wyatt Dress Casual Shoes

best shoes for lab techs

The first thing that will catch your eye regarding this pair of shoes is their looks. In fact, they look somehow formal, so you can actually wear them with a suit. However, that is not all because they also come with other features that make them lab safe shoes.


These lab shoes look quite stylish and apart from wearing them in the lab, you can wear them when you want to pull off a smart, semi-official look. Unlike the clog-style Dansko shoes that we reviewed before this one, these come with nice looking panels.  In addition, they come with 100% leather upper. Therefore, they are waterproof and at the same time, they are breathable.

The out sole is thick and anti-slip, with nice treads for stability. Therefore, even if you walk on slippery tiled floors, these shoes will keep you stable on your feet. In addition, the heel area is well elevated, something that helps in keeping your posture straight. In addition, thicker soles with raised heels offer better support for people who work long hours on their feet.

This shoe offers superior comfort. For instance, it comes with a triple-layered insole, which is also removable. Therefore, if you need to remove the insoles and replace them with custom ones, it is easy. However, even the stock foot bed come with super supportive EVA foam. Therefore, most people with normal arches do not find the need to replace theirs.


These are very nice closed toe shoes for lab work. However, like any other product, they too have their flip side. For instance, when they are new, they feel too stiff, but the stiffness disappears with time. However, for the short time that the stiffness will be there, it will be a bit uncomfortable.

What To Consider In The Best Shoes for Laboratory Work

Apart from the lab tech shoes that we have reviewed here, there are many more. Therefore, it can be a bit hard for a first time buyer to choose a good pair. However, here are a few factors to consider:


You will stand for many hours as you do your lab work. It does not matter whether you are a lab technician or a lab manager, but you will find yourself on your feet for hours. Therefore, you need a high quality pair of shoes that offer incredible comfort.

Look for features such as a double or triple layer design for the foot bed. In addition, a removable foot bed is better than a fixed one.

The fit

The laboratory shoes specifications will show you the shoe size. However, they might not tell you whether the shoes come true to size or not. Just make sure that the shoes fit you well, leaving some room between your toes and the walls of the shoes.


If you will wear shoes for long hours, they need to offer you good support in the areas that matter. For instance, your lab tech shoes should have proper arch support. In addition, the heel and ball of foot area also need some support.


Sneaker-style lab shoes can cost a lot of money. However, they give you more comfort than most other shoe styles. That aside, don’t spend a fortune on them because most shoes that you wear regularly lose their comfort after about a year.

Also, do not go for too cheap shoes.  They might lack some important lab safety features, hence the lower price.


If you have read this far, you can now be able to choose the best shoes for laboratory work. However, it is important that you find a balance between the features and the price.