Best Shoes for Housekeepers Reviews

The best shoes for housekeepers must offer support and comfort. Those are the two most important factors to a person who spends most of their working time on their feet.

But first, perhaps you are new to this. So, what is a housekeeping job? This job is all about running a household. Therefore, you will be doing most of the cleaning, cooking, maintenance services and even running errands. Therefore, you will be on your feet 80 percent of the time that you will be working.

This far, you can already see that wearing an improper pair of shoes is going to be your worst punishment as a housekeeper. In that case, keep reading to see the top rated shoes that you can wear to work.

If you hold a housekeeping job on a cruise ship, a yacht, a household or even in hotel, you need to take care of your feet. Here, we shall bring you a few housekeeping staff shoes that you can buy without hesitation.

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Reviews of Best Shoes for Housekeeping Staff

There are hundreds of good housekeeping staff shoes. However, every manufacturer claims theirs is the best. Therefore, here, we have done the footwork for you and we bring you the best comfortable shoes for housekeepers.

1. Clarks Emslie Women’s Warren Slip-on Loafer Leather Shoes

best shoes for housekeepers reviews

This is one of the most bought loafer-style shoes from Clarks. Once you start looking at its features, it is easy to understand why. After all, the design and build quality of the Emslie Warren Women’s slip-on shoes is quite good. Keep reading to see more of its features.


Clarks has been making different types of shoes for almost 200 years. Therefore, you can trust that they come with the features that you need.

First, the upper of the shoes is made of 100 percent leather. It is finished in such a way that it is waterproof.  In addition, they are finished in brown, navy leather as well as black colors. Therefore, you can choose what meets you fashion and style needs in the best way.

The out sole is made of rubber, which is very good for your feet. Rubber soles have a nice bounce to them. In addition, this one keeps you steady on your feet when you are cleaning and running about the house. At the same time, this out sole is also anti-slip so even when there are soapy water spills, soup spills or others, you will not slip and fall.

The interior of the shoes is as good as the exterior. For instance, they come with an ortholite footbed, which gives you proper support in all the right places. In addition, the footbed is soft for your feet. Therefore, you can stay on your feet for many hours without feeling a thing.


There are many good things to write about this pair of housekeepers shoes. However, they also have a downside. For instance, at 2.2 inches, the heel is too high and it might eventually cause a strain to your feet after many days. Therefore, buy lower shoes to exchange with these ones.

2. Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe

what kind of shoes do housekeepers wear

You know that you can never go wrong with Skechers. This is an award-winning brand that has been meeting different footwear needs since 1992. Therefore, you can use their Cottonwood Elks for housekeeping jobs. Keep reading to see its features.


The number one most important factor for housekeeping shoes is comfort. In these Skechers for men, you will have more than enough of it. For instance, it comes with a memory foam footbed. It is soft and it supports your foot in all the right placess. In addition, you will get proper arch support from these shoes. Therefore, you can spend many hours in these shoes without feeling any strain on your feet.

The leather upper is not only breathable but it is also waterproof. Therefore, even if you have to do house cleaning jobs, these shoes will keep the water from getting to your feet. In addition, these shoes feel quite roomy and they run true to size. The last thing that you want when you stay on your feet too long is to have shoes that are either too small or too big.

The out sole is made of synthetic material. However, it is both waterproof, slip-resistant in water and oil. In addition, the raised heel that measures 1.25 inches is going to give you proper elevation. In fact, it will help you maintain your natural posture as you walk or stand.


Despite coming with comfort and support features, these shoes also have their flip side. For instance, they have a plastic mesh lining their interior. With time, it starts falling apart, getting into the shoes as you walk and making you feel quite uncomfortable.

3. Dansko Men’s Wynn

best shoes for maids

Dansko has many clog style shoes for nurses, cleaners, housekeepers and other people whose jobs involve standing on their feet for too long. However, the one Dansko that truly takes the crown due to its features and design is the Men’s Wynn. Therefore, see its features here before you can make up your mind whether this is for you.


By design, this pair of shoes is so good such that even when you want to wear it to a formal occasion, you know when you are wearing a suit, it will still look good. However, you will look your best when you wear these shoes with jeans and khaki pants.

You will also notice that they come with a raised heel. Therefore, the height of 1.5 inches is going to keep your properly elevated on your feet. In addition, such elevation can help you maintain a good posture whether you are walking or standing.

At the same time, this heel is not too high so it does not cause strain to your leg muscles. For a person who spends most of their working time standing, these shoes from Dansko are perfect.

The upper of these shoes is made of leather. Therefore, durability is assured. On the same note, these shoes are also breathable and waterproof. However, it is a good idea to maintain them with a good leather conditioner. You can choose Kiwi as opposed to mink leather oil.

If you think that the exterior of these shoes is awesome, you should see the interior. First, the stock insole is removable! Therefore, if you are using custom insoles such as Protalus or Superfeet, you can remove the stock ones and insert yours. In addition, the interior of the shoe is lined with material that has wicking ability. Therefore, it will wick the sweat away to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Other things that we might mention about these shoes include the synthetic out sole. It is waterproof and slip resistant on all types of floors. Therefore, if you work as a crew member, in a hotel, in a home and so on, these shoes will keep you on your feet.


The Dansko Men’s Wynn comes with good features that give good value for money. However, they also have some downsides. For instance, most people complain about their weight, saying they feel too heavy for their size. However, the good thing is that you can get used to them.

How To Buy The Best Shoes for Housekeepers

A look into Amazon, or any other online marketplace will show you the sheer numbers of shoes available. Of course, a good chunk of this is for the housekeeper shoes. Therefore, to know what to wear to a cleaning job, you really need to know how to buy the best shoes for cleaning, serving, cooking and even running errands.


This is downright the most important factor that you should consider when buying shoes for housekeeping. After all, you will be spending many hours standing in these shoes. Therefore, while being on your feet for long can hurt, the shoes can aggravate that.

Some of the comfort aspects in shoes include things such as a supportive footbed, wicking lining and enough room.


Since you will be working many hours on your feet, you are going to need all the support that you can get. One of the areas where you need support is on the arch. Therefore, if you have normal arches, the stock insoles might help you. However, if you have high or low arches, you should look for insoles made for such type of feet.

Waterproof material and anti-slip soles

This is also very important. Cleaning is part of the housekeeping jobs. Therefore, the shoes that you get should keep spills out so that you have dry and comfortable feet. The three shoes that we have reviewed here come with waterproof leather uppers. Also, check that the soles are anti-slip in design. In addition, the shoes should be anti-slip in water, grease and food spills.  


That is it for the best shoes for housekeepers. You can choose any of the three that we have reviewed here. Now, go ahead and order one. We recommend that you choose the slip-on design and one that comes with removable insole so that you can replace with custom ones if you wish.