Why Do Ironworkers Wear Wedge Boots

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Why do ironworkers wear wedge boots?

Ironworkers work with metal. They secure metal components in the construction of new structures and when they are reinforcing old ones.

As such, their work has a high degree of risk. Sometimes they are required to climb to high levels when they are constructing buildings. It is quite a job they do. That is why they need the best protective gear.

Why do ironworkers wear wedge boots? Main Reasons

Why not? After all, these types of boots are used in the construction industry. They offer superior protection for the feet. When you are walking along a metal beam, the last thing that you want is to trip and fall. You need a pair of boots that can give you perfect grip on different surfaces.

1. For Protection

Ironworkers face many dangers at the workplace. They could trip, fall, burn, or get cut. The solution is to wear protective shoes.

Wedge boots provide the needed protection because they have safety features. It is easier to walk or climb on steel with shoes that have a wedge sole without tripping. This is unlike when wearing heeled boots where a rivet can trap the heel. A beam is equally as bad and it always results in tripping

The boots have non-slip outsoles that protect from slipping and falling.The soles are made using polyurethane which is great for its slip, oil and heat resistance. All of these are things that you are exposed to when you work in a construction site.

There is also the risk of stepping on live electrical wires when welding. The wedge boots are made with materials that do not conduct electricity to ensure that even if you step on a live wire or on a metal connected to electricity that you don’t get electrocuted.

Some types of boots can even absorb electricity in case you step on a live wire, thus protecting your feet from electric shock.

The boots are made using high-quality materials and they reach above the ankles to protect the feet from cuts by metal or burns from welding fire sparks.

Ironworkers work with heavy pieces of metal and one can fall and crush their feet. One great thing about the wedge boots is the steel toe. It protects the feet in case something heavy falls on the worker.

Thus, we can say that the answer to the question of why do ironworkers wear wedge boots is that they want to protect their toes.

2. Wedge boots are comfortable

Ironworkers spend most of their time on their feet and so they need comfortable shoes. The wedge boots meet that need. The fiberglass shanks give the feet the arch support that helps to prevent foot fatigue.

Also, the fact that the whole outsole comes into contact with the ground helps to reduce pressure points. This increases comfort for those standing long hours since it disperses pressure to the whole foot and distributes weight evenly.

Part of the work involves stepping on steel beams and other hard surfaces, which can be quite uncomfortable. Luckily, the wedge boots have shock-absorbing inserts that prevent the shock from getting to your feet.

When working all day, ironworkers need to have their feet dry and not sweaty. The wedge boots have a cotton lining to wick away sweat and leave the feet dry.

3. Wedge boots are durable

Ironworkers need shoes made using high-quality materials and that can last long. They spend a lot of hours at work. The work is also quite demanding and it requires shoes that can withstand the pressure. That is why the boots need to be durable. It would not make sense to buy shoes that you would replace only after a few days.

The upper part of the wedge boots is made using leather and the wedge sole is made using polyurethane. The boots also have shock-absorbing inserts, rubber midsole and composite shank for comfort. All of these are quite durable materials. Besides, the quality of the construction is quite high, for every part of the shoes. When you check the shoes, you will see that every thread, every stitch is quite high quality.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the wedge boots are made with ironworkers in mind. The wedge shape is anti-trip while the outsole is durable, oil and slip-resistant. It makes it safe to work on high structures without the fear of slipping.

They are comfortable considering that most ironworkers spend long hours on their feet. They are well-insulated, have cushioned insole and waterproof. Most importantly, they have safety features that include a steel toe, steel shank, and electrical hazard protection.

The boots are also durable, they are made from high-quality materials using the best construction method to make sure they last long.

Why do ironworkers wear wedge boots? You now have the answer to this question. If you are a true professional, you will want the right protective gear.