Where Are Frye Boots Made?

Where are Frye boots made?

Many people are surprised that this is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet regarding this brand name. But you shouldn’t, because people always want to know where what they are wearing comes from. The origin of shoes is especially important to many people.

So, where are authentic Frye boots made? In 2003, the original John A. Frye closed shop and sold everything, including the trademark and brand name to Li & Fung from China. This therefore means that most of their boots made after 2003 are probably made in China. However, a good number still comes from Mexico and the US.

But then, you may ask where in the USA if this company closed shop in 2003. Information has it that a small plant in Arkansas still makes these shoes. Therefore, do not be surprised to find the label saying “made in the USA.”

Are Frye boots made in Mexico?

If you buy a pair of shoes from this brand name and they read made in Mexico on the label, it is probably where they have been made.

You see, this brand makes its footwear from three places. The biggest number of these shoes comes from China, followed by Mexico and now the USA.

While initially most of their shoes were made in the USA, today, they mainly come from China.

For the ones made in Mexico, they are made in the city of Leon. This makes perfect sense because this is also known as the home of leather goods in Mexico. The labor is not as costly as you would find in the USA.

So, why not?

In Leon, you will also find hundreds of cobbler shops that make cowboy boots. Compared to those from China, the footwear from Mexico is of higher quality. 

Since Leon is well connected to other parts of the world by air (Guanajuato Airport), rail and road, it is little wonder that it is the home of leather shoes in the country. If you really worry about quality, you would be better off with leather shoes from Leon than from China.

However, since it is illegal to sell counterfeit products, online marketplaces such as amazon only sell genuine items. Therefore, if you order a pair from them, even if it may be of a lower quality, you can be sure that it is a Frye pair.

Do Frye boots stretch out?

Now that we know about where these shoes are made, do they run true to size? The answer is that they run a bit narrow. However, the longer that you wear them, the faster they will stretch out and conform to the shape of your feet.

If your feet are wide, you might have to break-in the shoes. However, it is recommended that you buy the right size all the time so that the break-in period does not extend too much.

Image of are Frye boots made in Mexico

Are authentic Frye boots made in China?

For a long time, China has always gotten a bad rap for making things that did not match up to those made in the USA or in Europe.

Therefore, when people learn that Frye was sold to a Chinese conglomerate, the first question that many ask is: are authentic Frye boots made in China?

You will find that many of the shoes under this brand name are made in China. Therefore, they are authentic of course, no doubt about that.

However, we would like to clarify something here. Just because it is authentic, it does not mean it is of excellent quality. You can be sure though that it has come from the factory.

This leads to another question: Are there fake Frye boots? As is wont to happen to any successful brand in the market, counterfeit products always come up. However, when you order from the company itself or from the authorised online marketplaces, you can be sure you will get the real item.

Another question that most people ask is whether Frye boots have lifetime warranty. They do not. Instead, they come with a 12-month warranty for material and manufacturing defects, which is fair enough.

You could hold onto these shoes for a lifetime but that is no longer the case. If you are wondering whether they are worth it, well, they definitely are.

Are Frye boots comfortable?

Having been in production since 1863, these shoes have gotten better with time. Today, they are some of the most comfortable in the market. Even though they may run narrow, they are designed in such a way that they stretch and conform to the shape of the feet of the wearer.

Are Frye boots still made in the USA?

To reiterate, only a smal number of these shoes are made in the USA. They may cost a bit more than the imported ones, but they are worth it. They display great workmanship and they probably last longer than the imported ones. Only select styles are made in the USA.

To know where the shoes are made, just check the label. If they say made in China, you had better believe it because that is where they come from.

The prices might be different, with the USA and Mexico-made ones being costlier. However, before you write off that pair from China, check the material and the workmanship. You might be surprised.


Where are Frye boots made – Mexico, China or the USA? These shoes are made in these three countries. However, just a few styles are manufactured in the USA while the rest come from China and Leon City in Mexico.