Tony Lama vs Lucchese: Which is the Better Boot?

Comparing two boots that look and cost almost the same can be a bit hard, as you will see in this Tony Lama vs Lucchese boot guide. Here, we are going to compare these boots side-by-side. The price alone is not enough to make you buy a pair of boots. That is why you must look at the details. How is the fit? Is it true to size? What about the materials used to make the boots? These are among some of the things that you need to look into when you are buying a pair of boots.

What is the best cowboy boots brand?

If you love handmade boots, Tony Lama or Lucchese are good for you.  Both brands are quite durable. They are made for people who cherish the chic cowboy lifestyle. Their rugged design, soft leather and comfortable interior makes the boots a good choice for many people.

Are Tony Lama boots good?

They are a lot of good for anyone that loves handcrafted boots. These ones are not only light in weight, but they come in nice, rugged designs for men. They also come in neutral colors most of the time and so they fit with any color scheme that you may have in mind.

Are Lucchese boots the best?

Lucchese is yet another brand that majors on cowboy boots. Like their Tony Lama counterparts, these boots are designed without laces. If you check lists of the best cowboy boots according to different reviewers, you will find Lucchese in the mix somewhere. This is evidence enough that this is a high quality brand of cowboy footwear.

Tony Lama Boots Features and Specifications

vintage tony lama boots

(We are going to look at the Men’s Stallion 7900 Boot)

Any boot is only as good as its features. Tony Lama footwear comes in many models. For example, there is the Stallion 7900, 3R Fancy, Tan Worn Goat Leather, Dusky Bonham, Men’s West, Smooth Ostrich, El Paso and many others. These boots come in fancy designs, but they share one thing in common – they are laceless.

Fit and size

Because of the slip-on design, these boots need to be the right fit for you. By design, they will slip around the heel area. However, of utmost importance is that the ball of your foot should sit right on top of the ball part of the shoe. That is how you know that a boot fits perfectly.

You will need to break in these cowboy shoes. However, that should be easy because they are designed to feel a bit larger and wider.  Many people say they wore theirs right out of the box.

Another thing that we might mention is the large boot opening. This makes it easy to slip your foot right inside. Measuring approximately 15 inches in diameter, even the largest feet will pass through this opening.

When the boots are new, you will experience some slippage around the heel area. However, as you keep wearing them and they conform to your feet, the slippage disappears.


For almost all models of the boots from this brand name, they come with leather soles. Soles made of leather can be more durable than those made of rubber. Besides, leather bonds with leather very well, so the upper is strongly bonded to the sole. The heel measures 1.5 inches from the ground. This gives you good elevation and support for your legs.

Lucchese Boots Features and Specifications

where are lucchese boots made

This footwear is synonymous with high quality. They come in different styles and sizes. If you are looking for riding footwear, get a pair from this brand name. Some of the models that you can get from this name include Carson-bc Lonestar, Rudy Western Boots, Shane chocolate Madras Goat Roper, Tan Mad Dog Goat and many others. This brand name has hundreds of models under its label.

Here, we are going to look at the specs that a model like the Men’s Shane-chocolate Madras Goat Roper Riding Boot comes with.


Just like the Tony Lama boot that we looked at above, this one too comes with leather sole and upper. You are assured of getting enough durability. The chocolate color makes this boot quite appealing. The combination of leather sole and upper makes the boots quite hardy.

Fit and size

Firstly, these boots come in various sizes. Most Tony Lama vs Lucchese reviews say that these boots are true to size. However, it is always fair to expect a short break-in period. However, if you have narrow feet, these boots are likely to fit right from the box.

These shoes do not have a lacing system. They come in a slip-on design. The opening is a bit smaller at 14 inches. However, your feet will slip in alright without any trouble.


The sole is made of leather. It has a high heel too at 1.5 inches. Since these boots are made for riding, the high heel is appropriate when hooking the spurs. However, you can also use this footwear with your office dress pants. Most people just wear them with their jeans and they look awesome. These soles are good for walking on all types of floors.

Conclusion: What is better between Tony Lama vs Lucchese?

Frankly, it is hard to pick one straightaway. These boots are within the same price range. However, the Lucchese boots seem a bit more favorable because they fit snugly out of the box, even without breaking them in. Whatever pair you get, you will get great value for your money.