Tecovas Boots vs Lucchese Boots

tecovas boots vs lucchese boots

There’s no denying the iconic fashion impact of the cowboy boots. They’re just great, as they embody that sense of rugged individualism that many of us want to project.

Cowboy boots are comfortable, stylish and tough. They last many years. They are also comfortable boots that you can wear on a variety of occasions.

But which one do you like most?

Worry not. I’ve got you. I’ve done a good Lucchese Boots vs Tecovas boots review and comparison to help you make this decision. First we look at the pros and cons for both workplace shoe brands.

Pros and Cons of Tecovas and Lucchese Work Shoes

Lucchese-Extreme premium quality
-Reputable heritage
Extremely expensive
Tecovas- Very affordable
- Great quality for the price
- Fantastic customer support
- Newcomer to the industry
- Only available online

In This Article |Tecovas vs Lucchese Reviews

These are our opinions on the best standard cowboy boot. The top choice for you will depend on what you are actually looking for. Therefore, we recommend you sit down and consider what it is you want from a boot.

Consider factors such as cost, whether it is handmade, material, stitching, what you will be using the boots for, and more. At the end of our guide, we will give you some tips for choosing good boots for you.

Let’s get started by looking at these two brands and seeing what they offer:

Breaking It Down

In this Tecovas boots review, we shall consider the most important buying factors. Basically, this is what buying any boot brand comes down to:

1. Price

It’s easy enough to understand why cowboy boots are among the most expensive footwear today. These boots use high quality genuine leather, so the boot manufacturing process can be very involved and can require high levels of handcrafting skill, and there aren’t all that many manufacturers to begin with.

We could generalize and say how costlier brands of cowboy boots are typically better than their cheaper counterparts. But in terms of value for money, you may actually be better off with the more affordable brands.

If a pair of cowboy boots scores a 96 out of 100 on your personal scale, does it make sense to buy another pair that scores 98 but costs twice as much as the first one? Do those extra 2 points warrant such a price increase?

For some people, that may not be the case. It would make more sense to buy 2 pairs of excellent cowboy boots than just have one pair that’s only slightly better. But if you can afford the very best and you want the very best, then often price is no object.

Lucchese Boots Cost

There’s no disputing the fact that Lucchese Company is a premium brand in the cowboy boots industry. Their prices are much higher than what you normally would find among other brands.

Sure, they offer boots that only cost $295. But then they also have 8 different boots that cost more than $2,000 with another 2 models costing $1,995. The most expensive pair is their Baron Black American Alligator Western Boot, which has a $12,995 price tag. That’s virtually $13K.

Tecovas Boots Price

In contrast, Tecovas boots are just much more affordable and practical. Their calfskin and suede boots are within the $200 to $250 price range.

Their most expensive, comfortable alligator boot pair costs less than $700. Thus, if you are a budget-conscious consumer, the Tecovas western boots may be more in line with what you are looking for. You may also check out a Tecovas ostrich boots review if you would love to try a different, but good boot model under the name.

It’s not really about the standard though, as any Tecovas review shows that their value is quite renowned. It’s also more about how the company is relatively newer so its brand recognition doesn’t add to the cost.

In addition, they only sell online which cuts down on their overhead costs. They also manufacture in Mexico, so the labor costs are less than for US labor. However, their customer service is in the US.

The winner

Whether you want to wear something affordable or a terrific bang for the buck proposition, Tecovas wins. However, if you would like to pay for a pair of Lucchese value and heritage, no one’s going to fault you. It really comes down to what you are willing to spend. If you really think that the Lucchese wear is worth the extra money. Read on to find out if the build matches up with the price.

Even at these prices, people are willing to shell out good money for at least one pair of their western boots.

2. History

The history of the company or brand matters because it can explain the current success of the brand. It especially has a special importance with western boots fans, who tend to identify with the old-fashioned ideals of the past. A brand with a storied history can attract many modern buyers, who may be pleased to get boots with the same brand that their grandfathers bought. It’s all about the legacy.

Still, a newer brand doesn’t have to offer a sense of inherent inferiority. Often, they can bring a refreshing outlook that can breathe new life for the industry. Still, many new brands try to incorporate classic processes and designs.

You will find that the history is largely what makes up the strength of the brand. And a strong brand certainly allows a company to charge more, as you can see with Lucchese. So if you are looking to wear boots with a storied past, read on to find out more.

Lucchese Boots History

Lucchese company has been around for ages. Salvatore and Joseph Lucchese moved to San Antonio in 1883 to set up their boot-making shop. As time passed word, of their finesse spread. Rich ranch owners and even cowboy boot fans from Mexico came in to buy from them.

Over the years, they’ve had celebrities buying their wares and even visiting their shop. These include Bing Crosby in 1942, then-Senator Lyndon B. Johnson in 1952, Audie Murphy in 1955, and Zsa Zsa Gabor in 1956.

During the 1960s, fans included President JFK, Texas “Tex” Schramm (GM of the Dallas Cowboys in 1961), Sandra Dee, and jimmy Stewart.

Even in the 2000s, the brand has endured. Their boots have been worn by former UK PM Tony Blair, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Tecovas Boots History

Tecovas – Bootmaking Process from Tecovas Fine Bootmakers on Vimeo.

In contrast, the history of Tecovas is quite pedestrian. However, you may sympathize with how the brand was established. Basically, Paul Hedrick got frustrated having to pay $500 to $1500 for even the most basic cowboy boots. Paul wanted affordable boots, and he set out to do this for fellow fans.

He quit his job in 2014, and then spent the next 16 months researching. He then settled on basing his manufacturing in Leon, Mexico which is regarded as the Boot-Making Capital of the World. This is Tthe current HQ of the Tecovas brand (named after the Tecovas Formation geographical feature in the Palo Duro Canyon in West Texas).

He settled on selling only online, and quickly grew a stellar reputation for terrific value for money. His cowboy boots looked fine, were comfortable, and used high quality materials, but they didn’t quite become overly expensive. Even their customer support became renowned for their helpfulness, though very few people actually returned the boots due to their high quality.

So while this brand has less of a storied history, you might identify with their commitment to providing their customers lower-priced boots made of quality materials, so that everyone can afford to wear cowboy boots.

In contrast, the history of Tecovas is quite pedestrian. However, you may sympathize with how the brand was established. Basically, Paul Hedrick got frustrated having to pay $500 to $1500 for even the most basic cowboy boots. Paul wanted affordable boots, and he set out to do this for fellow fans.

He quit his job in 2014, and then spent the next 16 months researching. He then settled on basing his manufacturing in Leon, Mexico which is regarded as the Leather Capital of the World. This is The current HQ of the Tecovas brand


Obviously, the Lucchese brand heritage wins in this category. It has a long-storied history that can’t be matched by Tecovas.

3. Quality

Obviously, low standard boots just won’t do. What you need is craftsmanship that values attention to detail, along with a preference for using premium materials.

Tecovas Safety Shoes Quality

  • They use the highest grade leathers in even their most affordable models. They’re custom-tanned in various colors, and they end up supple enough that they need very little break-in (or even none in some cases).
  • They use only sewing machines and the hands of their boot-making artisans. These experts stitch the components in the old-fashioned way.
  • These boots are handcrafted around a last, which is a mold in the same shape as the final form of the boot being made.
  • They use the Goodyear Welt, which has been in use for about 150 years. This means they stitch a leather strip along the foot-bed before they secure the outsole. This allows you to resole the Tecovas boots in the years to come if you don’t need to rebuild the whole boot.

Lucchese Safety Boots Quality

Lucchese boots are also made by hand, and premium materials are chosen. Here’s a short video showing the making of these boots.

We’re Made That Way from Lucchese on Vimeo.

But they tend to add even more esoteric steps and details that require more time and expertise. Examples include:

  • Lemonwood pegs are hammered by hand into the leather, to hold the insole and outsole together. Unlike brass nails, these pegs are more malleable as they contract and expand with the moisture.
  • They often use antique machines to sew the different parts together.
  • They’ve perfected the lasting process that explains the great fit of Lucchese boots.
  • The cutters continuously look for skins that match perfectly for their dies. This process can take days just for a single pair of boots.
  • Boots often require 2 crocodilian skins. Sometimes up to 30 different skins are compared side-by-side for each pair of boots, to make sure they match each other closely. Colors must match closely because they can’t be dyed or tanned when they’re in the factory already.
  • They tool the hide by hand and small steel tools, which can take many weeks.
  • They can recreate the look of an heirloom boot with their “10 year old stonewash” method, which is similar to the process used to distress denim.
  • When the leather is burnished, they use special compounds developed by Lucchese as protective sealants and to yield a variety of textures and tones.

Winner in Quality: Tecovas Boots vs Lucchese Boots

No other brand matches the Tecovas quality boots in their cost range. Often they can offer the same quality as what you get in boots that cost twice as much.

But there’s no denying the high standard of Lucchese boots. They’re a class on their own, and that’s why they’re so expensive. In terms of just quality of build, Lucchese is the clear winner.

Final Verdict

Both are winners, though Lucchese is probably just a bit better. Basically, if you’re well-off, then you can just collect a bunch of Lucchese cowboy boots. Get one of their more expensive models and then buy the more affordable ones for your daily wear.

If you’re not that rich, you won’t lose by getting Tecovas cowboy boots for the office. But you should save up to buy at least one of the premium models from Lucchese. They’re really that good, and you can even wear them for more formal occasions.


Buying a western footwear is not as clear cut as some sources make it seem. When it comes to an expensive brand such as the Tecovas men’s boots, you have to get extra keen. Here are some questions that you may ask before committing your money:

Do Tecovas boots run true to size?

The manufacturer says that their foot wear is made true to size, basing on US standards. While that could be true, feet sizes vary greatly. Therefore, when you buy your pair, you would need to break it in to make it more comfortable. Even if you give the customer service your foot width, you will still need to break it in for a better fit.

What does Tecovas mean?

Although you will not see this on their website, Tecovas is the name of a Creek that has its source in Bushland, Texas. This name was coined from the name Techados. In Spanish, Techados means tents. Currently, Tecovas means western boots. People who loves such footwear connect the name with this pair of boots when they see it.

Where are Tecovas boots made at?

They are made by hand in the city of Leon, which is one of the most popular leather centers in the country of Mexico. When we say by hand, it does not mean that the footwear making process does not involve machines, but there is close human supervision in every stage of the manufacturing process.


Picking footwear is like picking anything, and you need to know what you are searching for to make a proper choice. But once you have given some thought to your own preferences, we are confident you can use this buyer’s guide to find a great option for you.

Lucchese and Tecovas have different specialties, but both can be excellent choices in finding the perfect pair of cowboy boot. So give each brand some consideration, and we are confident you can find what you are looking for.

What wins between Tecovas Boots vs Lucchese Boots? Lucchese wins in both history and quality.

Tecovas wins in the price wars, and they also offer better value for money.

However, how you actually balance these factors will determine the best boots for you, and we will give you our final verdict on this below.