How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Big & What to do

Do you want to know how to tell if shoes are too big? You have come to the right place.

Some time back, we looked at how you can tell if your shoes are too small. Therefore, you may refer to that article for more information.

Now, on to knowing whether your shoes are too big or too wide … of course, the first way you can tell is by wearing them. On the same note, if there is too much wiggle room in the toe box, well, it’s too big.

There are many effects of wearing shoes that are too big. Remember, your feet carry your body weight all day. Therefore, you need a fitting pair of boots or shoes. It should neither be too small nor too big. Just right is the word.

How big should my shoes be?

You may have come across sources online that say it is better to buy shoes that are bigger by a size. However, what happens when you wear shoes that are too big?

We shall find out!

For the shoes to fit your feet properly, it should not be too big or too small. It should provide support for your foot and body.

On the same note, tight shoes hurt your feet and they cause serious foot problems. In addition, wearing shoes that are too big can also make you walk in a dysfunctional way. In addition, this can lead to blisters as your feet slide around in the shoes.

Asking how big should your shoes be is the same as asking: how much room should be at the end of a shoe?

Well, experts say that you should have at least 0.5 inches between the front of the shoe and the big toe. Therefore, your toes should not touch the front end of the shoes. Therefore, there is going to be more space between the other toes and the front of the shoes.

How do you tell if shoes are too big?

Looking at shoes might not tell you whether they are the right fit for you. Therefore, instead of asking: are my boots too big? Go ahead and wear them. Keep reading to see a few ways to tell whether your shoes are too big.

Wearing and testing the shoes

The best way to know if a pair of shoe is right for you is by wearing it. Since you will most likely buy your shoes from online marketplaces, you need to test them immediately they are delivered to you. However, do not remove the label or anything else. That way, the shoes still remain viable for return.

Now, customarily, new shoes should feel a bit tight. Therefore, check, or “listen” to the edges of your feet carefully.

If they feel tight, most probably, you can rectify that by breaking in the shoes. However, if they are new and they feel too loose, they are probably too big.

If your feet keep sliding

If your feet slide inside the shoes, that is one of the ways on how to tell if shoes are too big.

As you walk around in your new shoes, your feet will slide if they are too big. However, a pair of socks might help your feet fit right in. Therefore, try wearing your shoes with a pair of socks.

In addition, you should know that in the morning, your feet will probably be smaller than in the afternoon. Therefore it is okay to feel as if your shoes are slightly bigger in the morning.

There are many reasons why your feet should not slide inside the shoes. One of them is that you could hurt your toes when they hit the front end of the shoes. In addition, if you keep long toenails, they could break especially if your feet slide when going downhill.

If your heel slides after lacing the shoes

After tying your shoe laces, the shoes should feel snug and when you try to lift the back end of your foot, it should feel tight.

However, if the shoes feel too loose even after tying the laces, it is clear the shoes are too big. In addition, if your feel lots of room between the front of the shoes and the heel still slides, well, you have a pair of shoes that are too big. Most probably, there is no rectification for such. You can return them if they are new, or give them to a person with bigger feet.  

What to do when shoes are too big

Now that you know how to tell if shoes are too big, it is time to find out what you can do to make them fit. Returning the shoes for replacement or refund is not always the solution. Besides, even if the seller refunds, they will subtract the shipping fee.

Image of are my shoes too big

In that case, if the shoes are not too big, you can do a few things to make them fit amply.

But first… it would be better to get your shoe size right when buying, as you will see below:

Have your feet measured by a professional

When you buy your shoes online, then the best practice is to have a professional measure your feet size. In addition, always find out whether there is a return policy in case the shoes do not fit properly.

Different shoe brands use different metrics for size. In addition, these may differ depending on the country as well.

For instance, a medium size in one country can be small in another. In addition, a medium size for men is completely different for women because it is mostly large. Women’s large size is extra large for men and so on.

Wear thicker socks or a couple of pairs

Wearing a thick pair of socks or a couple of layers can provide extra padding and enable the shoes to hold more tightly to your feet. However, this depends on the weather because it would be very uncomfortable in hot weather.

Use custom inserts

Insoles offer your feet comfort, support, and extra cushioning. In addition, most insoles are soft, flexible. They can take up any extra space and offer your feet stability.

An insole from your old shoes adds to the footbed already in your shoe. Insoles fit your shoe naturally as they are designed for that. However, make sure you get fitting ones because if they run too short, they too will slide inside the boots.

You can find all types of insoles, including custom ones.  You can try Superfeet or Protalus inserts for work boots or dress shoes. They come with good arch support, they are durable and they can help your shoes fit better.

Use heel liners

Heel liners are easy to use and they are readily available in the online stores. In addition, they are comfortable to your heels and they prevent your feet from slipping off the shoes when you walk.

Additionally, you can use heel liners to take up that extra space, and you can place two or three on top of each other to give you the fitting you are looking for.


That is it. If you have read this far, you now know how to tell if shoes are too big. In addition, you have seen how to make them fit more comfortably and snugly.

However, when all is said and done, buying shoes in the right size beats trying to make them smaller, or bigger, anytime!

Therefore, go right ahead and find out your correct shoe width and size. That way, when you get your work boots or shoes, you just have to break them in and wear them.