How To Keep Shoes From Creasing When Walking

Do you want to know how to keep shoes from creasing when walking ? You have come to the right place. Here, you know we are all about shoes and boots.

Now, leather is without doubt one of the best materials for making shoes and boots uppers. However, it is also notorious for creasing. Usually, when you walk, your shoes fold at a certain place. This is the first place that the creases start forming.

If your shoes run a little bigger, that is, they leave some room between the toes and the toecap wall, well, they can start creasing.

If this is the main cause of the creasing, what can you do about it? That is one of the things that we shall be finding out here.

How to keep boots from creasing

You can keep your shoes in top shape for their entire lifetime. In fact, knowing how to keep boots from creasing is one of the things that you should include in your boot care regime.

You see, when you let them crease, the crease area is where they will start tearing up. The good thing is that preventing the wrinkling of your footwear is not too hard.

Just a little effort and dedication and you can have them maintaining top shape for a long time.

1. Know what causes the creasing

Creasing is a symptom. Therefore, there must be a root cause of the problem. If you treat the symptoms only, the problem never goes away. Therefore, if your shoes start forming creases, ask yourself what could be the cause of the same.

Here are the most common causes of creases:

Loose fitting shoes

Snug does it! Snug means that the pair of boots is neither too big nor too small – that it is just perfect in size.

It is OK to wear a pair of boots that leaves a little room, you know, to accommodate your feet when they expand in the afternoon. However, when there is almost an inch or more of room between the toes and the toecap, you can be sure there will be ugly creases sooner than later.

Walk Correctly

If you walk from the toes or with the toes first while the rest of the foot finds it landing, well, that is the reason why you are creasing the shoes. In that case, you need to practice how you will be walking such that the heels hit the ground first followed by the rest of the foot.

You wear your shoes too much

If the boots are wrinkling up, overuse could be to blame for that! You should have at least two pairs so that you can give one time to rest before you wear it again.

Besides, having a change of shoes helps a lot because when you clean them, you will not have to wear them when they haven’t dried completely.

When you wear boots that are still moist, they can start creasing up at the toe area or along the metatarsal area.

You are not storing the shoes right

When storing the shoes, for example, when traveling, you let the shoes crumple up. Therefore, when you wear them they start forming wrinkles and creases along the “crumpling” areas.

These are just a few reasons. However, as you can see, the main causes of wrinkling and creasing in shoes are easy to control.

Once you have determined what caused the wrinkling, you can go ahead and employ the right measures, as you will see in the upcoming sections.

2. Wear your shoes snug

If your shoes are too loose, they are going to crease up when you walk. Therefore, tighten those laces, but not so tight as to hurt your feet.

It is also important that you tie the laces just right. The same level of tightness that you employ on the first eyelet should be the same that you apply on the topmost eyelet. That way, your boots are uniformly tight and therefore they do not bunch up between eyelets.

If your shoes feel a bit large, you can wear them with double socks. While there are many ways to stretch narrow shoes, there are not many ways to make large shoes narrower.

3. Walk correctly

Perhaps you don’t even know that you don’t walk correctly. Actually, you walk in the most comfortable way.

However, as we said before, when your toes hit the ground fast, you have to lift your heel to take the next step. Therefore, the shoes start to wrinkle at the ball of foot area.

You may not be able to avoid that entirely but you can always make it easier on yourself. Try walking in such a way that you hit ground with the heels first. It will take some practice but once you get used to it, you will not let go.

Image of how to keep boots from creasing

4. Don’t wear wet shoes

When you clean your boots, let them dry up completely before wearing them again. If they have just a little moisture, they will form creases when you walk in them.

This is why we said you should have two or three pairs of shoes so that you can use one while the other dries up.

5. Stuff them up

This is a very simple method but it always works. When you are traveling, stuff the shoes up with your socks so that they don’t collapse along the weak lines.

If you are storing them in the house, stuff them up too so that they can retain their original shape.

6. Use force field

You may use force fields to keep the shoes straight while you walk. These look like shoe trees, except that they are wearable over your feet. However, they are soft and they help fill up the boot especially when your feet are a bit small or they leave too much room in the toe area.

Force fields are made of plastic and the good thing about them is that they are customizable. You can get them to conform to the shape of your feet for a more snug fit. In fact, you can do the customization yourself by trimming with scissors or a file.

7. A shoehorn helps

A shoehorn is not going to help prevent creases when you are walking. However, it will help prevent the formation of creases and crumpling of the back of the shoes when you are wearing them, especially if they are laceless, moccasin style.

Image of how to use a shoe horn

If wrinkles form in certain places when wearing the shoes, they will likely grow bigger when you start walking.


Leather shoes can be quite a delight to wear. However, one of the things you have to deal with is that they form creases easily.

These make them look unsightly and older than they really are. However, with the few tactics that we have given you here, you can make your footwear remain crease-free for a long time.

Start with the simple things like buying boots that run true to size or wearing thicker socks.

Eventually, most leather shoes develop creases so it should never worry you too much. The only important thing is that they should not develop them while they are still new.

That is it for how to keep shoes from creasing when walking. It is not too hard or costly, is it?