How To Fix Creases In Shoes

Would you like to know how to fix creases in shoes fast and efficiently? It is not too hard, but it does take some work and a few minutes of your time. Because of poor storage habits, shoes can crease up. If you pack your shoes for traveling, they could become creased.

When you walk, there is that particular place where your foot flexes. If you wear a leather shoe, it will start creasing from right there. With time, that is also where the shoe will start tearing up. Even the best, most expensive boots do eventually start to show creases at the point where the foot flexes.

However, do not let that fizzle you, we shall show you how to fix the creases. First, watch the video below:

How do you take creases out of shoes?

There are different ways of taking creases out of your shoes. Let us see the most efficient of them all:

Ironing the shoes – how to fix creases in shoes

Believe it or not, the first technique that you can adopt to get rid of creases on your shoes is ironing. You will have to be subtle about it though because ironing can damage the shoes. Reduce the heat, because too much heat is going to damage the leather.

So how do you iron shoes? It is simple:

You will need:

  • Iron box
  • A washcloth
  • Papers or rags

Get the shoes laces out. They can burn easily.

Take the creased shoes and stuff them with papers or rags to their natural shape. If you have big pieces of paper or cloths, roll them and stuff them into your shoes.

Fill your iron with water and then plug it in. Set the heat at about 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That is enough temperature to iron the shoes without burning or damaging them.

Lightly dampen a washcloth with water and place it over the shoes, on the area with the creases.

Iron over the washcloth. The cloth starts to steam and the hot steam irons the creases out.

When you are done ironing, keep the shoes some place where that they can air-dry. The creases will have been ironed out.

How to fix creases in shoes using a heat gun/blow dryer

Don’t iron your shoes if you are a bit apprehensive about it. You can always try a different method to remove creases in shoes. You can use a blow dryer to fix your shoes.

And why not? After all, in our article on how to enlarge shoes, we saw how you can use a blow dryer to enlarge your shoes.

Before you can plug the blow dryer in, you need a shoe tree. Get a fitting one that can help the shoes stretch a bit. This will help to stretch the shoes.

Apply heat from the blow dryer on the area stretched by the shoe tree. It is important that you have a tight fitting shoe tree because if any part of the shoe sags and you apply heat, it is going to crease up.

Move the blow dryer around the shoes applying heat in the areas around the creases areas. Creases have a tendency to spread, so you should not leave any part out.

Massaging oil and Shoe Tree

This is another simple method for how to fix creases in shoes. You need special leather oil, shoe tree and the shoes. You may also wear a pair of latex gloves.

Apply your massaging oil on and around the creased spots and massage the spots so that the oil gets right in. You can then place the shoes on shoe tree to help stretch the creased areas out.


While these three tips are good for using on creased leather shoes, you can also use them on suede and even faux leather shoes. Ironing is our top favorite method for how to fix creases in shoes because it is efficient and it works fast. Can you prevent creases? Most likely not, at least in leather shoes.