How to keep Feet from Sweating in Work Boots

how to keep feet dry in safety shoesIt is normal for your feet to sweat. After all they are responsible for your mobility. However, too much of something is poisonous.

Excessive sweating is a symptom of a condition known as hyperhidrosis.  According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, almost 5% of the world’s population suffers from hyperhidrosis.

The condition is due to overactive sweat glands. Now, the main problem is not discomfort but other health problems such as athlete’s foot, toenail fungus and the worst of them all which is foot odor.

And therefore, it is a good idea to learn how to keep feet from sweating in work boots. But before we look at these tips, here are a few reasons behind this condition.

Reasons Why Feet Sweat

Before delving into the reasons for excessive feet sweating, it is important to get facts straight.

Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down. Excessive sweating is what should get you worried but of course not during a hot day. Excessive sweating is not only limited to our feet but can also affect our palms and underarms.

Each foot has over 250,000 sweat glands and our feet sweat all the time. Each foot produces half a pint of moisture daily. For those whose sweat does not evaporate quickly, it gets trapped in the sweat glands and permits bacterial growth.

This becomes problematic for people who have more than the normal amount of sweat glands in their feet and hence excessive sweating.

There are several reasons why your feet could be sweating inside your boots. Some reasons are quite obvious. An example being physical activity and emotional stress. Other causes of feet sweating are:

  1. Genes. If your parents suffered from excessive feet sweating then you are highly susceptible to suffer from the same.
  2. Toxin levels. What you eat and drink can form toxins in your body especially if you eat foods that are rich in saturated fats. Alcohol is also toxic to the body and unless you are an active person then these toxins build up and can cause excessive sweating.
  3. Footwear. The type of footwear you use also comes to account. Shoes made from plastic or nylon do not support sweat evaporation. Cotton and nylon socks can also lock moisture in.
  4. Sympathetic nervous system. This is according to some experts but it is a fact that is still under investigation.

How to Keep your Feet Dry in Safety Shoes

There are several methods that you can use to prevent your feet from excessive sweating. Below are a few of these methods.

Set the record straight
In other words, jot down your sweaty episodes and see if there is a pattern. You can actually find out what triggers the excessive sweating and work on the steps necessary to minimize or avoid the triggers.

Wear the best socks to keep your feet dry in work boots
Avoid nylon socks because synthetic fabric traps moisture instead of releasing it. Wear woolen socks during winter and cotton socks when it is warmer. You can also opt to buy socks that draw moisture away. These are known as moisture wicking socks.

There are also socks that have ventilation panels and others contain chemicals that inhibit excessive foot moisture and odor.

Antifungal powder
And antifungal powder will help keep your feet dry and also prevent odor from being produced.

Drink plenty of water
Stay hydrated especially during hot days so that your body temperature remains regulated. This reduces the likelihood of excessive sweating.

Wear the best work boots for sweaty feet
Don’t just buy shoes because they are stylish. Buy shoes that offer you functionality based on your condition.

Go for shoes that are made from breathable fabric for instance leather or canvas. Plastic shoes are a no-go zone because they prevent proper air flow. Consequently, sweat will be trapped around your feet.

You should also ensure that you buy the right shoe size for yourself. It should not be too tight. You can also invest in insoles that are either deodorizing (will reduce odor) or moisture absorbent.

Using antiperspirant
Antiperspirants do just that. They temporarily block your sweat glands. Apply them to dry feet before going to bed then wash your feet in the morning. Do this consecutively for at least 4 nights then you can start using it twice or even once a week.

Natural ways to Keep Feet from Sweating in Safety Shoes

It is one thing to prevent sweating but if you need to take it a notch higher, then the following strategies are for you.

Wash your feet
When you wash your feet at least one every day then you will be able to prevent any bacterial spread that is brought about by the spreading of sweat. You will also be cooling down your feet and therefore limiting excessive sweat.

If you can wash your feet twice a day, the better for you. You could actually use over the counter antifungal soap, which will work perfectly. Then ensure that you dry your feet thoroughly and especially in between your toes.

Apply some antifungal powder or good old corn starch. Then finally put on a pair of cotton socks or shoes that allow your feet to breathe.

Black tea
All you need to do is soak your feet in a tea solution. You can get black tea by adding two or three tea bags to warm water in a basin.

Tea has tannins which close the skin pores on your feet and minimize sweating. Ensure that you soak your feet in this solution for at least 20 minutes or so.

You can make this a daily routine.

Rubbing alcohol
If you want some quick relief then you can rub some alcohol on the sweaty areas of your feet. Alcohol dries quickly and will stop your feet from producing odor. You should however note that this routine should not be your daily go-to because it leads to skin irritation when over-used.

Carry a spare pair of socks
If caught in a situation where you cannot soak or wash your feet then you better have an extra pair of socks. Ensure that they are moisture wicking type of socks.

Do not wear the same pair for two consecutive days. You should also give your shoes a break so that they get a chance to dry up. Leave your shoes out in free-flowing air for at least two hours.

This is a technique that has been recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association.  It is conducted so as to temporarily block sweat from leaving the sweat glands.

The process involves using water to send mild electrical currents to your feet. So far, studies show that the procedure is 88% successful. But the procedure should be conducted once every four weeks.

The iontophoresis machines can also be bought for home use.

Signs that you need to see a Doctor because of Sweaty Feet

If you have done all you can including the tips above then you seriously need to seek medical attention.

A podiatrist should be able to help you on how to manage or treat the condition. Diagnosis involves applying iodine solution to your feet and sprinkling cornstarch on it.

If your skin turns dark blue, you truly are sweating excessively.

FAQ on How to Keep Feet from Sweating in Work Boots

Can socks reduce sweating within Safety Shoes?
Some safety shoes have metal embedded in them making the shoes non-breathable. Safety shoes (boots) are personal protective equipment.

People use them at different workplaces to prevent foot injuries when dealing with heavy equipment, hot objects, rolling machines, slippery surfaces, et cetera. There is no opting out of these shoes unless you quit that job.

So the question if you can reduce sweating with cotton socks is a matter of creating a schedule. Wearing safety shoes means that your work environment is prone to accidents.

What you can do is carry extra pairs of socks for you to change within specified intervals. For instance, after every two hours.

You should ensure that the socks are moisture wicking.  You can also buy cotton towels and even antiseptic wipes which you will use to wipe your feet before drying them. Let your feet stay out of the boots for at least some five minutes before you wear a fresh pair of socks and resuming work. This might seem tedious but it is not as tedious as working with your feet feeling hot and soggy.


Sweating is normal but when it becomes excessive it can disrupt our social life. And this is truly understandable because we always want to show people the best version of ourselves.

You can simply try all the methods mentioned and see what works best for your feet and stick to it. Do not forsake good hygiene. Ensure your feet are always clean, and wear clean cotton socks. It is the little things you do that will make a difference. Depending on the reasons why your feet sweat, you will finally find a solution.