Danner High Ground vs Pronghorn Comparison

What should you buy between the Danner High Ground vs Pronghorn? These two boots are almost similar especially when it comes to the insulation, the waterproof ability, shaft, arch support and many other details.

These are two children of the same mother. Therefore, the Danner Pronghorn vs High Ground boots are almost the same, not quite, almost.

However, their designs are a bit different, with the High Ground coming in camouflage design. You see, this pair of boots is made for hunting. The Pronghorn comes in one solid color.

In another Danner High Ground review article, we saw just the kind of features that the Danner High Ground 400G boots come with. They are easily some of the best lightweight hunting boots that you can add to your collection.  

Keep reading as we explore some of the similarities and differences between these two outdoor boots.

Danner High Ground vs Pronghorn Differences & Similarities

While these boots look almost all the same, they have certain differences, as you will see here.

1. The Intended Use

Both are hunting boots. Therefore, they come with features that can keep your feet dry and comfortable when you are stalking prey up there in the mountains.

You can also use the boots for hiking because they do not weigh too much. With the Pronghorn being the lighter one, you can wear it for different types of outdoor adventures.

2. Design and Build Quality

This is where everything starts and the design and build quality can build or break a pair of boots. First, both boots have strong uppers.

High Ground Upper Material

The High Ground hunting boots are made of 100% nubuck leather combined with fabric.

Image of danner high ground 400g

Specifically, they come with the leather and 900D Nylon fabric, which is super strong. The fabric and the leather blend together so well such that the seams never fall apart.

In addition, High Grounds come in camouflage design. They kind of blend very well in the brush and so the prey you are stalking cannot see you easily.

Pronghorn Upper Material

The Pronghorn on the other hand comes with an upper that is made of 100 percent full grain leather, brown in color and looking quite rugged and masculine. In addition the upper is a combination of the full grain leather with 1000 D nylon, which makes it a notch stronger than the High Ground.

The Pronghorn hunting boots are camo –brown in color, so they also blend nicely in the jungle.

Boot weight

When walking long distances or when you know that you will spend a long time in your boots, the weight matters a lot. Here, the Pronghorn boot is heavier at 3.5 pounds compare to the High Ground, which weighs 2.9 pounds only.

The boots shafts measure 8 inches from the arch. They both offer good ankle support, but the Pronghorn boot comes with a sturdier full grain leather construction that offers more stability when going uphill or downhill.

Finally on the construction of the boots, well, both of them come with reinforced heels and toe boxes. You will be protected against tree stumps, rocks and other ills that you are likely to encounter on the trails.

3. High Ground vs Pronghorn Outsole

The outsole quality is everything when you are hiking on different terrains. Both boots do not disappoint here because they come with high quality outsoles. Keep reading to see more about them:

Danner High Ground Rubber Outsole

The Danner High Ground hunting boots come with a thick, rugged outsole that is made of rubber. The front part of the sole stretches to the toe area, which enforces the toe box much further. The lugs are deep for better traction even on smooth terrains. Overall, this is a high quality sole that can serve you for a long time.

Pronghorn Outsole

This boot also comes with a high quality rubber outsole. It has deep treads, which gives you proper traction on different terrains. Whether you are hiking in the mud, on the rocks, on grass and so on, you will have good traction and grip.

Image of danner high ground uninsulated

These boots will take all the beating that the trails subject them to. You will enjoy an athletic hike with these boots, thanks to the responsive sole that gives you an extra bounce to your step.

The outsoles are quite good. However, there is a flip side to both of them. You cannot replace the outsoles. Therefore, once the sole cracks or wears out, that is the end of the Pronghorn or Danner High Ground boots. They are finished!

4. Gore Tex Lining

This is easily one of the best features for comfort that these boots come with. Both the Pronghorn and Danner Boots come with Gore Tex lining. When your feet sweat, this lining wicks it away, therefore keeping you comfortable and dry throughout the day.

This lining is also waterproof. Actually, these boots are 100 percent waterproof. They will keep the moisture away if you are caught in a shower.

The boots come with different insulation choices. For example, the High Ground boots come with 1000G and 400G insulation options. Of course, the higher the rating, the warmer it is.

The Pronghorn boot comes with insulation options rated at 1200G, 1000G, 800G and 400G. That is quite a range of options for you.

If you are a hiker for all seasons, you need boots with higher insulation. If you will be hiking, camping or hunting in summer, you could do with lower insulation ratings.

5. Lacing Systems

There is an outstanding difference between the lacing systems of the Pronghorn or Danner High Ground boots.

To start with the High Ground, they come with Lock and Lace system that locks the heel securely. It also has 4 speed lace eyelets, so you can lace up pretty fast. The lower part of the lace area has ghillies that hold the laces together in place and keep them secured.

The only flip side is that the laces feel a bit thin especially if they will be exposed to water, moisture and other elements on the trail.

The Pronghorn hiking boots come with more traditional lacing system. There are metal eyelets on the lower part of the boot and then there are three speed lacing hooks. Once laced up, the boots stay snug and secure on your feet.

6. Danner High Ground vs Pronghorn Insoles

Comfort is a very important factor when you are buying as pair of boots. Thankfully, apart from the Gore Tex lining, these boots also come with other comfort features, such as the footbeds.

The Danner High Ground boot comes with a removable Polyurethane footbed. If you need to replace them with orthotic insoles, just do it. However, even the stock ones are not bad at all. They offer good arch support. The top layer of the insoles is an antimicrobial cloth to keep your feet odor-free.

The Pronghorn boots come with Ortholite footbed, which is made of PU and is removable. It also comes with a cloth top which is antimicrobial to keep your feet odor-free.


It can be hard comparing two hunting boots from the same brand name. As you have seen in this Danner High Ground vs Pronghorn boots review, they score almost the same on all fronts. Therefore, what you choose really comes down to your taste. Whichever you buy, you will get good value for your money.