Can You Wear Steel Toe Boots On A Plane

can you wear steel shoes on a plane

If you are traveling, can you wear steel toe boots on a plane? The Transport Security Administration has something to say about this.

But if you are in a hurry, the answer is yes. You can wear steel toed boots on the plane. Not only can you wear them, but you can also keep them in your checked or carry-on luggage.

However, that being said, we also know that most of the time, what you can or cannot take on the plane mostly depends on the mood of the TSA agent that you come across.

I mean, some people swear they have traveled with their tactical pens on the plane several times, having gone through TSA inspection and passed.

However, some swear they have been stopped and made to fill forms saying they were unknowingly carrying a weapon onto the plane. Therefore, pray that you don’t meet a grumpy agent.

What to expect when walking through airport security with steel toe boots

Unless you are traveling for vacation, you will want to wear your work gear when you are traveling for work. If a business executive travels in his power suit, there is no reason why you should not wear your working boots on the plane. Work is work!

And now to what you can expect at the airports … Most probably, the TSA will ask you to remove the boots. They will inspect them and once they are satisfied you cannot use them as a weapon, they will let you put them back on.

When you walk through the scanner, the alarms will ring. After all, steel is steel whether it is in your belt buckle, boots or in a knife blade. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the boots and put them in the box when going through the scanner.

If you would like to avoid a pat down or wasting precious time with the TSA agents, perhaps you can wear regular boots and check in your steel toed boots. If you have nothing metallic on your person, the scanners won’t go bonkers on you.

Unless your steel toed boots are on the list of banned items, you can travel with them on your person, of course, with the “inconvenience” of removing them at every scanner. You could always check on the TSA website to see whether these boots are on the banned things list.

Can you wear steel toe boots through TSA Precheck?

TSA PreCheck is a program made for the constant traveler. It helps you save time at the airport. As a PreCheck traveler, you can spend just a few minutes in the TSA checks.

Can you wear steel toe boots on a plane or through TSA PreCheck? Well, the answer to this question, unfortunately, is no. If the boots let off the scanner alarm, you will still have to remove them. Therefore, if you would truly like to avoid these TSA checks, you should just get boots with Kevlar toe area.

When you have applied for the TSA PreCheck, which you can do online by the way, you will be among the more than 90% of travelers who take less than 5 minutes to clear through TSA. 

To become a TSA PreChecked traveler, just make an online application and then you will be scheduled for an appointment in the nearest center. There are more than 380 centers. They will conduct a background check, do fingerprints and once you are cleared, you will get a Known Traveler Number that you will add to your ticket. It will help you get cleared faster.


Can you wear steel toe boots on a plane? Yes you can but mostly you have to remove them at the scanner because they will set off the alarms. For this little inconvenience, you get to travel with your work gear on.

But if your work allows wearing steel toe alternatives such as composite toe boots, then maybe you should wear these during your flights.