Can You Wear Doc Martens In The Snow?

Can you wear Doc Martens in the snow?

Well, it depends on how severe the snow is. By design, these shoes are not 100% waterproof. Therefore, in extremely wet conditions, they might not help you.

Are Dr. Martens good for snow? These are some of the most iconic fashion shoes. Therefore, they can be your daily wear shoes if you so choose. However, you want to know whether you can wear them in wet and cold weather.

Therefore, I guess it really comes down to warmth, dryness and comfort. These are the three most important things that you should get from a pair of shoes that you intend to wear in the snow.

So really, can you wear Doc Martens in the snow? You can, but not for a long time because most models come with a thin leather. They can let in water and make your feet wet, cold and uncomfortable. However, if you waterproof them, you can make them more comfortable in the snow.

What Are Doc Martens Shoes?

Can you wear Doc Martens in the snow

If you experience cold and dry winters, Dr Martens can be perfect for keeping your feet dry and warm. However, when there is snow during the winter, these shoes might give you some issues. Keep reading to see under what other conditions you can wear Doc Martens

In the past, we have written extensively about Doc Martens shoes. So, what are they?

While Dr. Klaus Martens was skiing on vacation, he developed an ankle injury. Now, when recuperating, he had trouble finding the right army boots to wear because he was an army doctor. And that was his light bulb moment! It led to the creation of Dr. Martens boots.

These boots became popular with factory workers and indeed people from all fields of work. Today, they are a choice for the fashion-savvy people. You can wear them with work clothes, slim or tight fitting pants, jeans and so on.

Qualities of Doc Martens Shoes

To understand why these shoes may or may not offer the kind of insulation that you require during winter, you need to see the outstanding qualities of these boots. They are as follows:

Doc Martens are warm

Doc Martens, especially the ones that have a lining of faux fur and fleece, are warm enough for winter.

However, this does not apply to all of their boots!

You see, most of the Doc Martens are made with thin leather. Therefore, it is going to let the cold get to your feet.

However, for the ones that have some insulation, they work by trapping a layer of warm air around the foot. Therefore, this keeps you warm through out the day. However, even then, it is important that you do not expose yourself to the cold.  

In addition, make sure that you wear the Doc Martens boots with a thick pair of winter socks. That way, they will keep you warm.

Doc Martens Water Resistance

Are Doc Martens waterproof?

Unfortunately, they are not.

When you get your Doc Martens, make sure that you waterproof them further. Most of the time, these boots are water resistant as opposed to being waterproof.


This brand name also has a series of high-quality waterproof models. They have what we could call Doc Martens snow boots.

The Doc Martens for winter could include Warm air, Wintergrip, and Drywear. The Wintergrip model is fleece-lined for extra insulation. Therefore, it can keep you warm and dry all day. However, for this one too, make sure you waterproof it after buying it.

If you subject these boots to extremely wet conditions, they can absorb water. That is why we have been insisting that you need to waterproof them.

Doc Martens performance on wet surfaces

Snow is slippery. Therefore, if you want shoes for working, walking or standing on snow, they should have good grip.

Therefore, how do Doc Martens perform on wet surfaces? Well, you could look for Dr Martens winter boots.

Originally, Doc Martens were for laborers working in factories and industries. Therefore, they have some good safety features to boot. For instance, they have slip-resistant GripTrax soles.

If you need Doc Martens for oily surfaces, you will find the right models with slip-resistant features. For instance, you may try the 1460 Slip Resistant Lace Up boots.

With these ones, you can be sure that they will serve you well during snowy days. They provide good grip and traction to reduce the risks of sliding and falling. However, it is also vital that you take extra care when on oil or water-slippery ground.

Doc Martens Comfort

When they launched into the market the first time, women in their 40s and 50s were the first customers. They loved them for the comfort and stability. Therefore, Dr. Martens boots are quite comfortable.

This quality alone has made Doc Martens a brand recognized brand in the whole world. While we cannot guarantee these boots will keep your dry and warm in the snow, they are comfortable, that is, if you can keep water out.


That is it for this topic of: Can you wear Doc Martens in the snow?

You will get a mix of reactions. However, the bottom line is: Waterproof these boots before you wear them. You see, most of them are water-resistant, which is different from waterproof.

If you want a pair of Doc Martens for treading on snow, get the WinterGrip. However, apply a thin layer of a waterproofing product before you can wear it. That way, it will keep water out and your feet will stay dry even when you stay too long in water.