Best Shoes for Mail Carriers Reviews

best shoes for postal carrier

What kind of shoes do postal workers wear? You could also ask: what are the best shoes for mail carriers?

There are many. Therefore, you will be spoilt for choice. Or will you?

That is what we are going to find out here.

If you are a mailman, you know comfort for your feet is paramount. You also want to get a safe pair of boots so that you can tread securely on all types of surfaces and terrains.

But why should we even be considering shoes for a corporation that is going defunct, seeing as it has been pushed hard to the corner by the coming of the internet?

Well, the US Postal Service is older than the USA itself! Therefore, there is a lot of sentimental value in anything that is related to this state corporation. As a result, you can buy yourself a pair of these shoes too to remind yourself just how great this giant was.

Besides, it feels good to be associated with an organization that Benjamin Franklin worked for.

Best shoes for mail carriers reviews

A mail carrier spends many hours in his or her blue and white truck. Therefore, they need comfortable footwear. They should also be light in weight and waterproof.

Basically, while you would concentrate more on protection when choosing a pair of welding boots, for mail delivery, comfort is the key consideration.

Here are the best pair of shoes to buy when you work as a mailman:

1. Reebok Postal Express Shoe

postal approved shoes

If you need any more convincing that this is one of the best shoes for postman, the name of the shoes should convince you.

With a shaft that measures about 6 inches from the arch, the Reebok Postal Express is not only very comfortable, but it is also very supportive. You need some sort of support when you are walking on smooth floors with a sack of mail in your hands.

The upper is made of leather. It looks rugged and masculine, but then, this pair is for men. The leather is also treated to make it water resistant, so you need not worry about showers and puddles. Your feet will stay dry throughout your working day.

The sole is made of polyurethane material. It is waterproof and has nice treads for walking around on different types of terrains. While the heel seems to be a little thicker than the rest of the sole, it is not too thick. Therefore, you can think of this as a flat walking boot.

This is a very comfortable pair of walking boots. They are comfortably lined in the interior. While they are waterproof, they are also breathable so that your feet don’t start sweating after being enclosed for some time.

The stock insert is removable so if you would like to try a custom pair of insoles such as Superfeet or Protalus, just buy and exchange.

This pair runs a bit wide, so you might want to order a small width size, but again, this depends on your feet.

2. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

nike air monarch iv review

You can never go wrong with a Nike, but all the same, it is best to check the features thoroughly before you order a pair.

With the Nike Air Monarch walking boots, you get a sportish design that fits your feet very well, seems to wrap around your feet ergonomically. This is a low shaft shoe. Therefore, it is not going to give you ankle support when going up the stairs.

The upper is made of synthetic material. It is perforated to allow good airflow over the feet. You will be grateful for this feature after a hard day of delivering mail in the sun.

The outsole is designed in such a way that it encourages your feet to adopt a natural walking motion. In the first days, it will be a bit hard but with time, the shoes conform to the shape of your feet. This sole is also quite durable and it does not let water inside.

To enhance the comfort and the functionality of these shoes, they come with a Phylon midsole that is made of foam. The full-length insole is made of encapsulated air that offers extra support and comfort.

In the true spirit of working for the UPS, these shoes are black in color. They are also simple to maintain because you can just wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

They may let in water if your feet are submerged because they have perforations for air. However, they will keep your feet protected from showers and splashing through puddles.

If you are not comfortable with bungee lacing, you can cut them out and change to regular lacing. This does not mean that bungee lacing is not good. It is just that some people don’t love this.

3. New Balance Men’s 706 V2 Walking Shoes

These will cost you a substantial amount of money but they are worth every dime that you will spend on them. This pair of walking boots is made of leather and a synthetic sole. It is engineered to encourage your natural gait. You can walk in these boots for a long time and your feet will not feel stressed up in any way.

The sole is made of rubber. It is thick enough such that you won’t feel the material that you are stepping on. In addition, the outer sole also has a certain bounce to it, which gives your step an extra pump when walking. With such footwear, you will find walking a lot of fun.

These shoes come with C-CAP midsole. C-CAP technology is mainly intended to give your arch extra support and comfort. Today, this technology has become the norm in walking boots.

These shoes may look simple in design, but they are effective at keeping you on your feet. For example, they are slip and oil-resistant. You will feel comfortable whether walking or standing in this pair.

This footwear is also US Postal Service-approved. Therefore, if you need the best walking shoes for men, get this pair.  

4. Brooks Womens Addiction Walker 2 Walking Shoe

brooks addiction walker 2 review

There is no shortage of mens walking boots that you can use when you are a mailman. It is now time that we review at least a pair of women mail carrier shoes. The Brooks Womens Addiction Walker 2 walking boot is a perfect sneaker for a woman who works for long hours with a mail delivery van.

Encourage natural motion

These are special shoes indeed, thanks to the incorporation of the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, which is a technology that guides the whole body to keep to its natural motion.

In addition, the outsole is slip resistant in water and oil. You will not only adopt the right walking posture when you walking, but you will also feel very comfortable when standing in these shoes.

You would think that the technology ends with the support, but that is not true. There is more! For example, it also comes with BioMoGo DNA technology, which helps the footwear to adapt to your step, weight and stride. This helps the footwear to be ready for you and to reduce the impact that long hours of walking can put on your knees.

Whether you are walking or driving with these shoes, you will love the comfort and the support they give you all the time. They give excellent traction on different types of surfaces.

Buying guide for the best mail shoes

Buying the best mail shoes is not as simple as picking the first pair that you come across. There are some things to consider. Here is a short buying guide to help you in the buying process.

Fit and comfort

Here, you should know the width size of your feet. If you will be driving for long hours, you need a pair that fits with minimal room to spare, that is, it should not fit snugly.

You see, with long hours of sitting down or walking, your feet tend to swell. Therefore, you need a pair of boots that can accommodate you at all times.

For comfort, you need good insoles with ample arch support. Most of the walking boots that we have reviewed here come with good stock insoles so you will not need to replace them.


You will spend many hours on your feet. Therefore, you need footwear that integrates technology that can help it adapt to your stride, step and even weight. That way, with every step that you take, the shoe will be ready for you. It should also encourage your natural body roll.


Needless to say, you need footwear that is slip resistant under different conditions. For example, it should be slip-resistant on different terrains. You do not know the types of surfaces that you will be walking on when you deliver mail. Therefore, get outsoles with proper traction.


The lighter it is the better it will be for you. You do not need to be pulling a lot of weight on your feet when you have a sack of mail in your hands. Thankfully, all the pairs that we have reviewed here are light.


The best shoes for mail carriers are feature-rich, comfortable and durable. We would recommend that you get two or three pairs so that you can exchange them. That way, you do not have to be in the same pair every day.