Best Shoes To Wear After A Broken Ankle

What are the best shoes to wear after a broken ankle?

Keep reading, for we will review a few of them here. In addition, we shall also bring you a short buying guide for the same.

When you are recovering from a broken ankle, you cannot wear just any pair of shoes that you come across. You see, all it takes is just one misstep to aggravate your ankle and leave you suffering from some serious pain.

As you go online on or some other online marketplace to look for the best ankle support shoes, you will find so many options. In addition, they come in all sizes, styles and designs. Therefore, it can be a bit challenging for a beginner to choose one.

However, don’t worry. At Work Place Safety Shoes, we always have your back. Therefore, we have done the footwork for you. We bring you the top rated shoes with ankle support to help you heal completely.

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Best Shoes for Ankle Injury Reviews

When choosing the best ankle support shoes, you need to know a few things to look for. By this, we mean the things that the shoes should offer you.

These include Comfort, cushioning, ability to absorb impact, minimal weight, good grip and so on. Keep reading to see the shoes that you should try:

1. Slow Man Women’s Sock Sneakers Walking Shoes

best footwear after broken ankleThese shoes are highly rated across different marketplaces. Therefore, if you are a woman and you have had ankle surgery, they just might be the kind of shoes that you need. However, first look at its features to see whether they are suitable for you.


These are sock sneakers. Therefore, their finishing at the top is similar to that of socks. The first thing that you will notice about these sneakers is their high breathability. What this means is that they will keep your feet aerated, dry and comfortable since they will not sweat too much.

They come with an MD out sole with air cushioning. Therefore, even if you step down a bit too hard, the air cushioning technology is going to absorb all of the impact. On that note, you will not jolt your already bad ankle. In addition, the out sole also has excellent grip so it remains non-slip. With the platform that measures 2 inches, that is more than enough elevation for you.

Because of the excellent arch support, these shoes are perfect for standing long hours. Therefore, if you spend a lot of time on your feet, you can buy them.

While these shoes look perfect from all aspects, some things need improvement. For instance, since these are dancing shoes, they do not offer as much ankle support as you might need.

However, an ankle that is recovering from surgery needs a lot of exercise, which best comes from walking. Therefore, these are perfect walking shoes. In addition, you wear them for dancing zumba, tap, jazz, ballet and others.

Overall, these socks-shoes are really light in weight. Their comfort is unmatched even if you decide to wear them with the stock insoles. In addition, the out sole offers a super grip on all types of surfaces.

Therefore, we feel that they truly do qualify to be called the best shoes for ankle problems.

2. Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots

best shoes for foot recoveryYou might think that when you need women’s shoes for weak ankles, you cannot wear boots. However, that is not really true because you can. At the same time, you need to choose your boots carefully. It is in that spirit that we bring you these Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots. However, first see its features before you can decide whether they will be perfect for you.


First, when the package containing these shoes is delivered to you, it measures about 840g. Therefore, if you remove the weight of the packaging, you can imagine just how light these boots are. On that note, they are the best women’s shoes for ankle support. You will love them!

Second, these are hiking boots. Therefore, they come in a high shaft design measuring 6 inches from the arch. In addition, when you lace them up, you are assured of excellent ankle support. Coupled with the minimal weight, you can go hiking even when your ankle is recovering. However, make sure you keep to the flat terrains. A weak ankle can snap easily if you do an elevated trail.

You should love the grippy out sole. Therefore, you can step in a sure-footed manner knowing that you cannot lose your grip. At the same time, the toe box has extra protection on the outside because the rubber sole extends to cover the toe area. Therefore, when you are hiking in areas with tree stumps and rocks, your toes have enough protection.

If the exterior of the shoes is good, the interior is even better. For instance, there is Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet warm in cold weather. In fact, this insulation is rated for temperatures as low as -30°C.  

The interior also comes with an EVA mid-sole, which offers your feet excellent cushioning. In addition, you get good arch support. Overall, this is one of the best ankle support shoes.

Despite all the good features, the manufacturer could improve some things in this pair of boots. For instance, it does not come true to size. Therefore, you are advised to buy a full size up from your regular shoe size.

3. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

best shoes for ankle supportWhen you have a bad ankle, you really need the best men’s shoes for ankle support when walking. However, all men’s shoes in the market claim to be the best. But the Brooks Mens Addiction is specifically made for walking. Let us look at its features first to see what it offers:


First, you will be very happy with the Extended Progressive Rollbar technology. Hold that thought for a bit, we will come back to it. You see, the human feet, legs and body have their natural gait, or motion.

Therefore, when your ankle is alright, when there is nothing wrong with your legs, they work together, in perfect motion. On that note, the Extended Progressive Rollbar technology helps to align your entire body to its natural roll and motion.

Second, this pair of walking shoes comes with superior cushioning, which helps to support your ankle. Also referred to as BioMoGo DNA, this kind of cushioning is going to adapt to your weight, speed and stride to give you just the right amount of support. Therefore, your ankle will never suffer from any jolt.

Third, this is a durable pair of walking shoes. For instance, it comes with a high quality synthetic sole. In addition, it comes with 100% leather upper. In addition, the excellent construction of this pair of shoes leaves you well balanced on your feet whether you are walking, running or standing. The sole is also slip-resistant on all surfaces.

There are many good things to say about the features of this pair of shoes. However, there is one disadvantage. Breathability is quite poor.

4. Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe

best shoes for ankle bracesAdidas is one of the most renowned brand names for sports shoes and apparel. Therefore, it is no surprise that here, they bring you the Men’s Pro Next basketball shoe. Sure, it is a sports shoe, but you can still use it as your shoes with ankle support. Keep reading to see its features.


First, you can use this pair of basketball shoes as your walking shoes if you are recovering from ankle surgery. The reason for that is that they come with excellent ankle support. Of course, since the shoes are mainly designed to be worn by basketball enthusiasts, they offer perfect support.

Second, in addition to giving you ankle support, these shoes also give you excellent grip. They come in a flat sole design. Therefore, they may strain your foot a bit because the heel is not elevated. On that note, make sure you do not wear for too long. Okay, you could wear them for a walk, but after that, change into something else.

Third, this is a durable pair of basketball boots. On the same note, it is made of 100 percent synthetic materials. For instance, the sole and the upper are both synthetic materials. In addition, the mid sole is made of Cloudfoam. Therefore, it offers superior support and cushioning.

The extra cushioning from the Cloudfoam sole gives you shock protection. The last thing that you want when you have a bad ankle is to jolt it.In addition; the tongue is also well padded. Therefore, you can tighten the shoelaces a bit without the pressure getting to your feet.

There is no doubt that this is a good quality pair of shoes. However, like any other product, it still has its flip side. For instance, it is not dust resistant. Therefore, it is easy to get dirty when you are walking around in summer.

How To Buy The Best Shoes to Wear After A Broken Ankle

There are hundreds of best shoes for ankle injury. All of them profess to offer the best support and comfort. However, there are also many fakes masquerading as the real ankle saviors. Therefore, to be able to separate the grain from the chaff, follow this buying guide.

Image of best shoes for ankle injury


The shoes that you wear must have perfect cushioning. This has many benefits. For instance, it keeps your feet comfortable when walking on all types of terrains. In addition, it absorbs shock that would otherwise get to your feet.

Look for shoes that come with EVA or foam midsoles. That is where you need the support most.

Excellent Grip

If you are recovering from a broken ankle, you cannot afford to fall because that would aggravate the injury in such a bad way. Therefore, the best shoes for ankle problems must have excellent grip. Thankfully, good traction is something that all manufacturers have learned to include in their shoe designs. The best shoes for injured ankle must give you confidence in motion. This comes from having an excellent out sole.

Special Technology

Believe it or not, today, shoes are not just made for protecting your feet. Some come with special technology. Therefore, when you are walking, they will adapt to the way that your foot rolls. In addition, they will adapt to your weight and stride. They do that to give you just the right amount of support.

Comfort Features

You have already had a broken ankle and you are now recovering. That is quite a mouthful to worry about. Therefore, you don’t want to have to worry about your feet sweating too much in your walking shoes. You want your shoes to be meshed or well ventilated. That way, they will allow enough airflow to keep your feet dry.

Arch support is also very important in the best work shoes for ankle support. In addition, you also need some heel support, which comes in the form of elevated design. Another thing that you need is ankle support. This is mostly available in boots, but even some walking shoes offer a little ankle support.

Finally, if you have to choose between a waterproof and non-waterproof pair of ankle support shoes, always go for the one with ankle support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the seriousness of ankle injuries, people need some answers before they can buy a good pair of shoes. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions:

Does a broken ankle go back to normal?

Of course it does. However, it can take up to 12 weeks for the broken ankle to heal completely. During the healing process, it is important that you have the doctor check it regularly. However, if the doctor says that the ankle does not need surgery, healing can take as few as 6 weeks. However, of you need surgery; it is going to take up to 12 weeks.

What do you wear for a broken ankle?

Please note that this is for a broken ankle, meaning that it has not healed, and not “after” a broken ankle. Therefore, if you broke your ankle recently, you can wear orthopedic boots. Their work is to keep the ankle at a fixed position to enhance the healing process.

Can you wear a walking boot with a broken ankle?

Yes you can, but you have to ask your doctor about that. Mostly, your doctor will recommend that you wear walking boots in the last week of your ankle healing, of course, after checking it.

When the doctor feels that you can now start to transition from cast to walking, he/she will recommend using a pair of walking boots such as the Brooks Men’s Addiction boots.


That is it for the best shoes to wear after a broken ankle. However, if your ankle is recovering, buying the right shoes is just one of the many things you are supposed to do.

You need to do much more than that. For example, walk around as much as you can to get the blood circulating to your ankle. In addition, you will be exercising your foot. This is very important for faster healing.

If you truly do not know the shoes or best sneakers after ankle fracture, you can always ask your doctor for the best pair. On the same note, you should follow the advice of your doctor regarding how to take care of your ankle so that it heals faster.