Best Shoes for Elderly Swollen Feet | Reviews & Buying Guide

First, we are so sorry that you are experiencing swollen feet right now. However, swollen feet are also too sensitive, which is why you need to protect them. If they are not too swollen, you want to get out there and do a few errands. After all, if you stay indoors, the problem could escalate. You need to exercise those feet by walking. For that, you need the best shoes for elderly swollen feet.

When looking online, you will see so many best shoes for swollen feet. They all claim to be the best. However in such a case, you should look for podiatrist-approved shoes. Here, we have done the footwork for you and we bring you a few of the best shoes for swollen feet. Keep reading.

Reviews for Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

When you are looking for shoes for swollen feet, you want to get a pair that is tested and proven. Most importantly, you want a pair that can stretch to accommodate your swollen feet. Try these pairs of shoes:

1. Propet Men’s Cush N Foot Slipper

best shoes for elderly swollen feetYou may think of these as Velcro shoes for swollen feet. They have many benefits and one of them is that they are so easy to get on and off. In fact, that is why they are referred to as slippers because you just slip them on and off easily.

They are adjustable

Because of the use of Velcro tape to secure them on your feet, you may also think of these as men’s adjustable slippers for swollen feet. When you need to loosen them a bit, just pull the lock a bit and vice versa.

Flat sole with good grip

They have a flat sole, which also offers a good grip on different types of floors. The last thing that you want to experience if you are a senior with swollen feet is to slip on a floor and go tumbling down. Luckily, you will not because these shoes have a grip sole that keeps you stable on your feet.

Comfortable interior

The interior of the shoes is very comfortable. Comfort is the most important factor for people with swollen feet. It is also wide enough to accommodate swollen feet. In addition, it comes with a terry cloth footbed, which is removable. If you have to use medical insoles, just remove these insoles and replace them with your custom ones.

By design, these shoes do not come with much especially because of the wide rounded toe area. However, their comfort is unmatched, which is something that you will truly appreciate.

2. Orthofeet Proven Shoes for Bunions and Foot Pain Relief

shoes for edema and swollen feetThese shoes are not only going to accommodate your swollen feet, but they are also made for people who have bunions, diabetes, arthritis, neuropathy and other conditions. The reason why we included it in this list is because it helps with sensitive feet.

Simple design – easy to wear and remove

These are shoes for swollen feet women’s, so men cannot wear them. They have a simplistic, schoolgirl design. However, their simplicity also means they are very simple to get on and off.

They have a strap that is attached on one side by a metal buckle while on the other side, it has Velcro tape to secure the shoes on your feet so that they do not slip off. Therefore, they also have a factor of adjustability for sizing.

Very comfortable interior

When your feet swell, they become sensitive to touch and feel. Therefore, a pair of shoes with hard interior surface is not going to help. These shoes have been designed with super cushioning and a few layers of lining. In fact, the footbed lining is so comfortable. It has a pillow-like feel, something that helps in the alleviation of heel pain.

Good for flat feet

If you have plantar fasciitis, this is the perfect pair of shoes for you. With flat feet, you need good arch support, and these shoes offer that. In addition, the toe area is extra wide, so it can accommodate your feet even if they have bunions or hammertoes Morton’s Neuroma. Besides, you can always order extra wide sizes. You need a pair of shoes that does not exert any kind of pressure on your swollen feet.

Buying Guide for Best Shoes for Elderly Swollen Feet

Do not just buy a pair of extra wide womens shoes for swollen feet blindly. You need to check a few things such as we will show you below:


Look for adjustable shoes for swollen feet. Even for people without swollen legs, it gets to a point where their feet expand, especially during the afternoon.

Image of best shoes for swollen feet

You can imagine just how big swollen feet can get especially after spending hours on your feet. Therefore, they should come with Velcro tape so that you can adjust its size accordingly. A strap and metal buckle can also work.

Interior of the shoes for swollen feet elderly

The interior of shoes for swollen feet women’s needs to be super comfortable. For example, they need to have plushy cushioning as opposed to rigid cushioning.

Swollen feet are also sensitive and that is why you need the softest lining that you can find. As for the insole, it should be removable, just in case you need to replace them with orthotic inserts.


The simpler it is the better. The medical shoes for swollen feet should be easy to get off and on. As an elderly person with swollen feet, you do not need to fumble with complicate shoe laces if your feet become too swollen and you have to get them out of the shoes in a hurry.

That is it for the best shoes for elderly swollen feet. Don’t buy a pair before you read these reviews. Look for comfort mostly and extra wide sizes.