Best Boots for Roofing Reviews

You cannot dare go up that roof without the best boots for roofing, unless you do not mind spiraling down like the accursed tower of babel, and lose your life!

In the USA, there were 111 roofing accidents related deaths in the USA. With this information, which you can get on IIBEC – International Institute of Building Enclosure Contractors, you can imagine just how dangerous roofing can be.

To lower the risk of tumbling off the roof, you should wear the right boots. The biggest risk when you are doing roofing is slipping down because roofs are steep.

Thus, you might want to ask: how do roofers walk on steep roofs? The first thing is to wear the right shoes. Secondly, it is to know how to walk properly on the steep roofs.

In the logging and construction industry, a single fall could be debilitating. However, today, we have boots engineered for just about any kind of work, including roofing.

Keep reading to see more information about the best roofing boots, their features and other details.

Best boots for roofing reviews

There are so many boots designed specifically for roofing. Because every manufacturer claims that they offer the best, it can be a bit hard to really choose the best one.

Here, we have done the entire footwork for you and we will show you the right boots to buy. In fact, we will look at boots for different types of roofing.

1. Wolverine Men’s Floorhand: Best boots for shingle roofing

Best boots for shingle roofingShingle roofing is very popular, and has been for some time because of its strong water resistance. It is constructed in such a way that the roofing slates overlap each other.

For a roofer, walking up a shingle roof can be a tentative affair. That is why they need the best boots for the job, as you will see here.

Full grain leather upper

One benefit of full grain leather uppers is that they are waterproof and at the same time, they retain some degree of breathability. Thus, your feet will not feel stifled if you are trying to avoid getting them smelly after some time.

If it rains when you are on the roof, your feet won’t get wet. Such uppers also last longer than most other types of leather.

Slip-resistant outsole

The outsole is made of rubber and it comes with deep lugs. These prevent slipping on different types of roofs.

The deep lugs give you a stable grip on different surfaces. Even when it is wet, your safety is guaranteed. Of course, you should take care not to walk on surfaces with nails.

Comfortable interior

These boots are very comfortable. They come with a nice lining that is very soft on the skin. They also come with a decent stock insole, but it would be best to use your own insoles if you have a foot issue such as plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

The tongue is thick so you can lace the boots tightly without feeling the pinch.


You cannot wear these boots with thin socks because they can feel a bit uncomfortable. It is recommended you wear them with thick work socks for comfort. However, in summer, wearing such socks can make your feet too hot and sweaty.

2. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent: Best boots for metal roofing

Best boots for metal roofingBelieve it or not, these shoes were not made with roofing jobs in mind. They were specifically made for hiking tough terrains.

However, because they check all boxes for the features that roofing boots should have, that is why we include them here. Keep reading to see the features.

Super slip-resistant outsole

We all agreed that the best boots for roofing have to be super slip resistant, and these ones are. They come with a Vibram TC5 Plus outsole.

Now, Vibram is to soles what full grain leather is to uppers. It is simply the best you can get in the market.

Despite this one being a synthetic sole, it lasts long, does not crack and it gives you superior stability on the steep roofs.

With lugs that are 5MM deep, these boots offer incredible traction on all surfaces.

Breathable upper with leather and mesh outlays

These are the perfect boots for hiking in summer. Likewise, you can also wear them for roofing in summer. They come with a beautiful combination of leather and mesh for the upper. This is suede leather and so it increases breathability, thus making your feet more comfortable through the day.

Has a protective toe cap

When you are on the roof, the last thing you want is to knock your toes against something. However, although these Merrell Moab Men’s boots do not have a metal toe cap, the area is reinforced with rubber. This gives it a good degree of protection.

Comfortable to wear all day

These boots are specifically made for hiking. That is why they are so comfortable, even for the insole. But you can swap it for Protalus or Superfeet insoles if you like, or if you need good boots for flat feet.

They have a nice padding on the color and the tongue is designed to keep debris out. The lining also does a great job wicking the sweat away thereby leaving your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day.

When you are not roofing, you can wear these shoes around the home or even to town with casual outfits. They are very comfortable.


As good as these boots are, they hardly get to the ankles, which means they have no ankle support.

These are more shoes than boots, but we included them here because they are great for roofing asphalt roofs.

3. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc: Best boots for flat roofing

Best boots for flat roofingThe Red Wing Heritage boots show that it is possible to look stylish even when you are working on the roof, because they look so classy and sophisticated.

But there is more to work boots than style. So, what are the other features that these boots come with?

Leather upper

The upper of these boots is 100 percent leather. The shaft measures 5.5 inches from the arch. Therefore, you are assured of good ankle support when wearing these boots.

The good thing about these boots is that you can keep reconditioning them and they will last years on end.

Like all leather boots, use the best leather conditioner to keep the leather nourished and supple. This helps the leather to retain its natural moisture.

Besides, they also have a superior lacing system with metallic eyelets. Once you lace them up, they hardly come loose.

Synthetic sole

You will notice that the outsole does not have deep lugs, but there is something special about it. It is a Traction-Tred sole, so it feels sticky when you are walking on different surfaces.

The sole gives you the kind of stability that you require on slanted surfaces such as the roof. Besides, the sole really lasts a long time without showing the signs of wear and tear.

In any case, the design of these boots allows the outsole to be replaced when the need arises.

Light in weight

Because these boots do not come with a steel toe, they feel really lightweight for their size. Some roofing materials can be delicate, so the last thing that you want is to haul more weight than necessary up there.

Despite the lightweight design, these boots are tough and with good care, they can last a long time.


These are tough leather boots. They look sharp, but there is a downside to them because they take some time to break in. Thus, it is best to buy and wear them a couple of weeks before the roofing job comes around.

Another thing is that they might run a half or a size bigger, so you might want to order a half size down, of course, after knowing your real size and shoe width.

4. Timberland PRO Men’s Pit Boss: Best Roofers Boots

Best Roofers BootsYou know that no list of the best work boots or best boots for flat roofing can be complete without the Timberland Pro boot series.

Here, we are going to review the PRO Men’s Pit Boss boots. Keep reading to see the features that make this pair of boots good for roofing.

Nubuck Leather upper

The upper of these boots is made with nubuck leather, which looks so cool. The manufacturer naps the leather to give it a rugged appearance.

One of the benefits of nubuck leather is that it is long-lasting. It also looks so good so when you are not on the roof jobs, you can wear the boots with casual outfits and still look awesome.

From the shaft, the boot measures 6 inches. You will have good ankle support, which is something that you need when working on the roof.

Comfort Features

The most notable comfort feature that these boots come with is called Comfort Suspension. It bounces the energy back to your feet.

Also, it keeps the feet comfortable and lowers fatigue so that you can walk and work longer and harder. With every step, you are protected irrespective of the surface where you are walking.

The interior is comfortable and it has a soft but durable lining. The boots come with Timberland’s own PRO insoles, which have great arch and ball of foot area support.

These are soft-toed work boots, but the toe cap is hard and offers you enough protection. Timberlands are super protective whether they come with a soft or steel toe.

Rubber outsole

These boots are fitted with rubber soles. To make the bond between the leather upper and the rubber sole stronger, they come with a Goodyear welt.

You are assured that the shoes will not start splitting apart with time. By design, the elevated heel measures 1.25 inches. If wearing flat shoes makes your heels hurt, you will love using these boots.

5. KEEN Utility Men’s Philadelphia: Best winter boots for roofing

Best winter boots for roofingRoofing jobs take place throughout the year. Thus, as a roofer, you need the best winter boots for roofing and they do not come any better than the KEEN Utility Men’s Philadelphia boots. Here are their features:

Waterproof  KEEN.DRY Membrane

A winter boot has to keep your feet dry and protected from the nasty cold. To do this, these boots come with the KEEN.DRY membrane. This is a breathable membrane so your feet will not sweat too much.

There is also full grain leather that is waterproof. You can recondition the leather upper many times using mink oil to give your boots a new lease of life.

Non-slip rubber outsole

You will notice the deep lugs that the rubber outsole comes with. These soles will give you traction and stability while you are on the roof.

A roof can be really risky in winter, mainly because of the snow, which makes it very slippery.  This sole is also heat and oil resistant.

These work boots are good to use across all industries. The rubber sole is bonded to the sole with a GoodYear welt, so it is pretty hardy and durable.

It has a carbon fiber toe cap

These boots are made with carbon fiber toe caps. This is much better than a soft toe and it is almost as strong as a steel toe cap.

Because carbon fiber has very minimal weight, you will not experience any extra weight as you walk and work.

Comfort and support

The boots come with a Polyurethane footbed and they also have a similar midsole. However, the midsole is integrated with the KEEN Luftcell for extra comfort.

For safety, the boots come with an iron shank. It enhances stability, posture and balance. It also enhances the longevity of the soles.

Best Boots for Roofing FAQ

Buying the really best boots for roofers can be a bit hard since you have to choose from so many, hundreds! Thus, if you still need more clarification, these commonly asked questions and their answers are for you.

Image of best boots for metal roofing

How do roofers walk on steep roofs?

The recommended style for walking on steep roofs is sideways. That way, you will have to bring your feet together before you can take the next step.

In addition to walking on a steep roof sideways, you should also wear the best boots for roofers. Such have great traction, so they are going to keep you stable. This gives you confidence to walk even better on the sloped roof.

Also, it is recommended that you wear roofer boots with rubber soles as they give better traction than synthetic ones.

Do roofers use special shoes?

Mostly, what you find being branded as the best roofers shoes are really work boots. However, there are special roofing boots with specific boots.

These have many features but chief among them are rubber soles for excellent traction, flexibility along the metatarsal region and they are light in weight.

That is why most of them come in the soft toe or carbon fiber toe design. Unless you are looking for the best boots for flat roofing, look for a pair with ankle support.

Are running shoes good for roofing?

Roofing shoes require maximum traction, rubber soles and flexibility. Treads and toe protection are good for roofing. Running shoes lack ankle support, deep traction and so they are not good for roofers.

Final Thoughts on Best Boots for Roofing

Roofing is a risky job. Having the right boots minimizes this risk a lot. You should never embark on this job without the best pair of boots on your feet.

Among the most important features to look for in the best roofers boots include traction, ankle support, rubber outsole, comfort and safety.

Here, we recommend that you go with the Timberland PRO Men’s boots for steep roofs and Merrell Moab Boots for flat roofing.