How Much Do Leather Work Boots Weigh?

Before we go into specifics of how much do leather work boots weigh, bear in mind that these safety shoes are heavier than boots made of other materials. This weight is attributed to the processes involved in making an animal’s skin usable as a human wearable pair of shoes.

Are leather boots heavy?

Leather work boots’ weight is quite a range as indicated below. The manufacturers make them knowing very well that these boots are for mobility. However, manufacturers always prioritize the protective factor of the boots. If you work in a place where falling objects are a risk, you will wear a helmet for the head. Similarly, you should also protect your feet by wearing your work relevant safety boots with either composite toe cap or steel toe cap protection.
how much do leather work boots weigh

How Much Do Leather Work Boots Weigh?

Leather work boots weigh between 1.3 pounds (0.6 kgs) to 5.15 pounds (2.3 kgs). In addition to upper’s material, other factors also affect a a pair of shoe’s weight. For example, the boots could be thick soled and that could add some more weight. Simply put, all leather workplace shoes do not weigh the same. Although the manufacturer has every intention to make the boots as light as possible, it is still hard to make the boots a uniform weight. Now, 5 pounds of weight, heaviest leather boot’s weight, is quite something to have on your feet all the time. Luckily there are lighter options.

Factors that contribute to the weight of a leather work boot

All safety work shoes do not weigh the same. Here are the factors that determine the weight of your safety shoes. These factors are assuming different pair of shoes from the same manufacturer and they are of the same model.
  • Size; A size 7 and a size 11 pair of shoes will have significant weight difference. The smaller the shoe the lighter it will be.
  • Type of the toe cap; A pair of shoes without a toe cap will be lighter than one with a steel toe cap (expected to be the heaviest).
  • Amount of padding used; The more padding a pair of boots has, the more the comfort and the weight.
  • Shank’s material type and thickness; A steel shank will add more weight to a shoe than a plastic one.
  • Insulation; Boots will have insulation to shield you from cold weather. However, the more the insulation, the more the pounds a boot will weigh.
  • Upper’s material of construction; since we’re looking at leather boots, the weight distinction will come about due to the type of leather. Leather materials will weigh differently depending on the source animal and process the leather has undergone.
  • Outsole’s material and thickness; The outsole of boots differ depending on the intended protection it is supposed to offer. For instance, an outsole that’s supposed to be puncture proof and to provide electrical protection is most likely to be fairly heavy.
  • Insole’s material and thickness; The insole of a work boot contributes to comfort. The type, thickness and technology will determine how much weight the insole contributes to the boot’s total weight.

Examples of Leather Boot’s and their Weight

Boot's NameBoot's ImageWeight (Pounds)
Thorogood American Heritage 11"thorogood leather boot4.15
Thorogood American Heritage 11” Steel ToeThorogood Steel Toe Leather Boot5.14
Timberland Mt. Maddsen Leather BootTimberland Mt maddsen boots weight3
WOLVERINE Men's Floorhand BootWOLVERINE Men's Floorhand weight4
Wolverine Men's W04727 Wolverine Bootwolverine w04727 boot weight4
Ariat Western Cowgirl BootsAriat cowgirl boots weight1.31
CAT Men's Wheelbase Steel Toe Work BootCAT wheelbase boot weight1.81
Ariat Groundbreaker Chelsea Leater Steel Toe Work BootAriat Chelsea leather boot weight3.1


The material used to construct a boot’s upper is not the only factor that determines how heavy leather work boots are. And while they can weigh up to five pounds, the benefit of durability and comfort cannot be over emphasized.