Top 4 Ad Tec Boots Review

Ad Tec has been a round for four decades, as of the year 2020. They make work, hunting and safety boots. Today, they make some of the longest lasting boots in the market. In this Ad Tec boots review, you will see their features and specifications.

Because of the large variety of their hunting, work, hiking and safety boots, it can be a bit hard to choose one for the first time. In this writeup, we will look at a few, maybe five of their best boots and see what makes them rock. Are they worth the money? Let’s find out:

4 Ad Tec Boots Reviews

There are more boots from this company, which is based in the US. However, the four that we will review here will give you a look at just what this company can deliver. Every product is closely monitored to ensure there are no manufacturing defects.

1. 9-Inch AdTech Logger Boot with soft toe

adtech fireman logger boots

This logger boot comes with incredible ankle support as it almost reaches to the calves. While it is mainly a logging boot, you can also use it for other purposes. For example, you can also use it in the construction industry and for hiking the rough trails.

High quality synthetic sole

It is also a popular boot in the oil industry, thanks to its anti-slip and oil-resistant sole. The sole is also rugged and deeply treaded to give you all of the traction that you need while you are out there in the forest, on the trails, construction site or even on the oilrig.

Good stock insole

This is also a very comfortable boot. It comes with a soft insole that conforms to the shape of your feet. At the same time, the boot has a medium width, which makes it appropriate for different people. Because of the horse saddle leather, which tends to stretch with time whikle leaving the fiber intact, you do not need a big break-in period for this pair of boots.

Tongue L

There is a small downside too. As you will see in the pictures, the tongue is a tad too narrow. Therefore, this means that it can allow debris in. Some people also say that the boot runs a bit narrow, so you might want to look for another one if you have wider feet.

2. AdTec Mens 8-Inch Leather Workboot

AdTec Mens 8-Inch Leather Workboot

Full grain leather boots such as this one seem so appealing. However, looks alone are not enough to make you buy a good pair of boots. You need to know that it comes with enough of other features too.

Rubber sole

First, they come with a rubber sole, which as we know it, has this nice and soft bounce to it. Therefore, you enjoy wearing this pair of boots all the time. It makes walking fun! It is also what we refer to as an electrical hazard sole.

The rubber sole is also slip, acid and oil resistant. Therefore, you can use it for factory floor jobs. You can also use it if you are in the oil industry. If you hike a lot, you will find it a resilient pair of boots. The deep rugs make it a good choice for different types of trails.

Removable insert

The boot also comes with a removable EVA insert. Truth be told, most of the stock inserts are crap, so if you do not like this one, perhaps you can try a Superfeet or Protalus insert. You can just remove this one and insert your customized ones.

Comfort is a paramount consideration when you are buying a work boot. Thankfully, this pair of boots has made with utmost consideration for comfort. That is why it has a soft interior and a breathable upper to prevent your feet from sweating too much. At the same time, the boots are water resistant, so you should be able to hike wet trails without getting your feet too wet.

True to size

When ordering your boots, make sure you know your feet width well. Also make sure you order a half size bigger than you wear so that you do not have to break them in for a long time. Usually, you can wear these boots straight out of the box, but it is a good idea to break them in a bit.

3. Ad Tec Women’s 9″ Logger Brown-W Boot

adtec women's steel toe boots

It is a bit narrower than the men’s boots and it has a dash of color to it, just as many women love their shoes to look. The laces are yellow; they look incredible against the brown full grain leather of the boots. Away from the looks, what can you expect from these boots when it comes to the features? There are some notable things.


These boots come with a rubber sole, with the heel measuring 1.5 inches. This is high enough to keep you properly elevated and it gives you good arch support too. The sole has a soft bounce to it, so you can walk a long time in these boots without you feeling the pebbles or rocks that you will be stepping on.

The sole is slip-resistant, oil resistant, water and acid resistant. If you have been looking for a boot that you can work in across different industries, this is it.


The upper of these boots is made with full grain oiled leather. This means that it will resist water. Please note the word resist, which means that if you stay in water too long, it will eventually soak through, as happens to all leather boots. However, you can keep the leather oiled all the time to make the boot more water resistant.

The tongue

In different Ad Tec Boots reviews, you may have noticed that the tongues are narrow. This could be a design flaw, or maybe there is a benefit to it. The tongue of these women’s boots is narrow and it seems to slip to one side most of the time. However, most people do not seem to worry about this.


If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you would do much better to get a better pair of inserts. The PU stock insoles are not all that much.

4. RealTree Camouflage Hunting Boots for Men

Real tree Camouflage Hunting Boots for Men

We could not end this list of Ad Tec boots reviews without including at least one hunting boot – the Real Tree Camo Men’s Hunting Boot. There are so many good things going for this boot.

Minimal weight

Believe it or not, this pair of boots weighs 800g. When you are hunting prey, you do not want to alarm the sneaky buggers with even the faintest thud of your footsteps. Therefore, you need a lightweight boot such as this one.


The upper part of this boot is made of leather with an oiled membrane for water resistance. Ad Tec says that more than 30 million of these boots have been sold in the USA alone. Whether this is true or not is open for debate, but it sure is a great hunting boot.

Outer sole

The outer sole of these boots is made of rubber. This makes the boots quiet and light in weight. Rubber is also water resistant, which makes it perfect for hunting boots. The treads are deep and rugged, so walking even on slippery ground should be easy.


For once, here is a pair of boots that you may not need to buy an insole for. They come with soft insoles that feel so good for your feet. You could spend days in these boots and not feel fatigued.


These are four Ad Tec boots review. As you have seen with their features, these boots give great value for money. They are comfortable and they come almost true to size. However, do measure your feet width to ensure you get the right width.